Honda CG125 Red New Model 2019/2020 Prices and Pics

Honda CG 125 2020 Price in Pakistan

Update: 07 Sep, 2020
Rs. 129,900

If not in terms of sales volume, the CG125 is successfully competing with its junior sibling the CD 70 for fame. When it comes to choosing a 125cc bike from a variety of available brands, the buyers almost always make the CG their first choice for more than one reasons.

First, it is simply a more powerful variant of the best seller bike in the country – the CD. Second, people like it for durability as well as the resale value. Third, the bike is considerably economical when compared with rivals from the same class. Last, but not the least, the fuel efficiency is simply matchless.

Let’s put Honda CG125 Red price in Pakistan against its specs standards and find out if it is really worth giving a chance.

CG125 Red’s Latest Model Is Out!

The long-awaited CG 125 2020 is finally out. Though most the specs of the latest 2020 CG125 Red model run in parallel with its predecessor, a keen and observing eye will definitely be able to trace out some distinctions. On the first place, it comes with some added grace exuding from its overall stature.

Top Attractions:

There are a number of things in the CG125 Red 2020 that catch the attention of the buyers on the first sight. The notable among them include an artistically engineered speedometer, powerful Japanese technology OHV 125cc machine, and modern black-painted muffler exhaust that makes the sound breath-taking.

Here the stylish fuel tank and comfortable seat bar may also be listed among the top attractions of the bike.

Second, it’s the technology that has been realigned with the latest standards for better performance and efficiency. Third and probably the most important thing is that it is the most affordable 125cc bike from a reputed and a trusted brand. The great resale value also serves as a point of attraction for the potential buyers.

125 Red 2020 – How It Fares in the Market:

What’s the market standing of Honda CG125 Red 2020 in Pakistan? Unfortunately, if you take into account the market share of the CG125 Red, it shows signs of decline. In comparison, the Suzuki bikes lying in this segment seem to be faring somewhat better. This is particularly due to the better comfort, control, and fuel efficiency of these CG rivals.

Honda CG125 Red 2020 Price in Pakistan:

Though, in isolation, it might seem unreasonably high, the Honda CG125 2020 price in Pakistan is far less than that of Suzuki motorcycles with the same or even lower power standards. It was about 124,500 rupees at the time of the launch of the 2020 model.

Honda CG 125 2020 Features

  • 125cc Engine Displacement
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • Japanese Techonlogy OHV 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Single Cylinder Engine, Hi-Tech Parts and Euro2 Technology
  • CDI Ignition System 12-Volt Battery (Instead of 6-Volt)
  • 11-Horse Power with Low Fuel Consumption
  • Kick Starter System
  • New Design Fuel Tank Graphics with Euro2 Sticker
  • Stylish Design Speedometer with Honda Logo
  • Modern Black Painted Silencer with Stylish Cover and Charming Sound
  • Strong and Durable Rear Wheel
  • New Design Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip
  • Elegent Front Light
  • 135 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 45+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 9.2L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Fuel Reserve Capacity is 1.5L
  • Available in Red and Black Color
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