Honda CG 125 2012 Price in Pakistan

Honda 125 2012 Price in Pakistan

Update: 07 May, 2012
Rs. 96,500

Honda CG125 2012 Review

Honda has very long history of power, performance and quality. Recently, Honda has launched new Honda CG 125 2012 model with all the new demanded features and outstanding performance.

What’s NEW?

In the past few years, Honda just changed the graphics of motor bike every year and tagged the bike as a new model but this year Honda has made huge changes in approximately 113 parts of the motorcycle. They also increase the fuel tank capacity and the new tank offers the capacity of up to 14L with fuel meter and trip meter. Brighter headlight, more prominent indicator, engine with better performance and louder crispy sound of engine is the source of attraction to customers. For the features Honda CG 125 is popular are its power and speed and for these features people love to pay higher price than other motorbikes.

New model of Honda 125 has good ground clearance and height of the seats as compared to the previous model. New Honda CG 125 2012 is available with improved Euro 2 technology to control the emission of dangerous gasses to protect the environment, with fuel-economical power, Deluxe one is the clip bar in side foot stand and new look of speedometer. For customer convenience and to increase the comfort level they design the broader seats than before and also promise the best resale value. It seems that due to its new eye catchy graphics, heavy weight, black painted exhaust and its durable design Honda CG 125 Pakistan will be the best selling motorbike of Honda.

Price & performance

Honda CG 125 2012 price in Pakistan is not economical although it has high definition specifications i.e. advanced Japanese technology with an outstanding performance and with economical fuel-consumption. The reason is that in Pakistan, the prices of bikes and cars are high because of disinterest of government. The government should reduce the taxes in order to bring down the prices. Also, Indian business model should be copied so that we can install the factories of these products in Pakistan so that the cost of production can be lowered. Importing parts from other countries increase the basic cost of production. Honda CG 125 is packed up with 4-stroke engine generates 11-Horse Power, CDI Ignition System and a 12-volt battery (instead of 6-volt), 4-stroke smoke less engine with an easy start-up and a comfortable seat with rear grip. Honda CG 125 2012 price is Rs. 96,500, is not much high if compared to the other branded motorbikes available with competing specifications.

The Sales Graph

Soon after the launch of this model, the sales graph has gone high and it is a possibility that Honda Company may get high sales due to the introduction of this model with so many changes.

Honda CG 125 2012 Features

  • 4-stroke air-cooled Single Cylinder
  • Kick Starter System
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • 9.2L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 12-volt battery (instead of 6-volt)
  • Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip
  • Good Looking
  • Elegent Front Light
  • New Shape For Back Light
  • Stylish Speedometer with Economy Zone
  • New Beautiful Petrol Tank with Graphics
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