New Model Honda CD70 Red and Black 2019-2020 Price

New Model Honda CD70 2020 Price

Update: 12 November, 2019
Rs. 75,500

What’s really ‘new’ in the latest Honda CD 2010 model?

How is Suzuki faring better than Honda?

Does the market analysis go in favour of Honda or its competitors?

What’s the reason behind mind-boggling hike in Honda CD 70 2020 price in Pakistan?

CD 2020 Is Out!

As usual, the 2020 model of the Honda CD has been launched a couple of months beforehand, and it’s available for sales. As you might be expecting, the first ‘new’ in the latest model is obviously the graphics on the fuel tank and the side covers. Just read on to discover other ‘new’ things in the latest release.

Here you’ll learn in detail about the latest model of Honda’s most loved two-wheeler along with auto market analysis, intensity of competition, and prospects.

Market Analysis:

Despite a significant increase in the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan in the recent past, this locally assembled Japanese bike still enjoys love in the hearts of commuters. The CD is more often seen on the roads than any other brand, be it a local or international one. It’s the matter of history and prestige, and also durability and companionship.

Not long ago, the price of the bike was more than ten thousand rupees lower than that of the present one. But the Honda fans are still adamant to prefer it over its counterparts from both China and Japan.

It is also noteworthy that Suzuki upped the prices of its cars more than any other brand. Unbelievably, the price hike was witnessed twice in a single year, i.e. 2019. This shows that the demand for Suzuki cars is increasing. And the company is just cashing in on this increasing demand.

Similarly, the Suzuki bikes which were earlier priced at less than a hundred thousand rupees are now selling for over one hundred and fifty thousand rupees. However, the sales volume of Suzuki bikes is still much less than that of Honda.

What’s Really New in the New?

Apart from the graphics on the fuel tank and the side – that have definitely been recrafted – no major improvement is visible anywhere externally. However, the performance does speak of the enhanced technology of the latest model of the motorcycle.

While the power specs, dimensions, and the stature do remain the same, the Honda CD 70 2020 shows more environment friendly behaviour through better fuel efficiency and low noise pollution.

At the same time, you will also witness minor improvements in the comfort level of the seat for both the driver and the pillion rider. Finally, the sportiness of the bike brings in something new.

What’s the reason behind mind-boggling hike in Honda CD 70 2020 price in Pakistan?

The major factor contributing to a seemingly insane hike in the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan 2020 is the devaluation of Pakistani rupee. The year 2019 witnessed the worst rupee devaluation in the history of the country. The US dollar rose from as little as about 100 to well above 150 against rupee. Resultantly, the prices of everything – including those manufactured in the country – increased. As a matter of fact, inflation is kissing the sky.

In the matter of a couple of years, the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan rose from as little as 63,000 to over 74,000 rupees. Still, the Honda fans love to go for it for more than one reasons – and you know that!


While the price of the CD 70 is expected to witness a further hike, its fame doesn’t seem to be dwindling in near future. It may get fewer votes for the power it generates than its Chinese and Japanese counterparts, the performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, and handling all earn it superiority.

Honda CD 70 2020 Features

  • 95 Km per Hour Top Speed
  • 80 Km per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 72cm^3 Engine Displacement
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • Petrol Tank with 8.5 Liters Capacity
  • 4-Stroke OHC single cylinder cooled by air
  • Continuous 4 Speed Mash Transmission
  • New Design Fuel Tank and Sticker
  • Long Lasting Economical Power Engine, Environmentally Friendly with Fuel Milage.
  • Thicker Spokes with a Durable Rear Wheel
  • New Design with Comfortable Seat and a Safety Seat Bar
  • Tail up, Sporty Design Muffler Exhaust
  • Strong Side Cover with Lock
  • 3 Years Engine Warranty
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