2019 Honda CD 70 - See The Features of The Best-Selling Bike in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 2019 Price in Pakistan

Update: 10 July, 2019
Rs. 73,900

When Honda Motor Company stopped manufacturing CD 70 in 1991, Atlas Honda stepped in to cash in on the golden opportunity. So, the production of the most prestigious Honda bike started here in Pakistan in 1991 that continues to date with bright prospects. It is, however, a joint venture between Honda Motor of Japan and Atlas Group of Pakistan.

The 70cc CD made its debut in 1970 as a 4-stroke alternative to low capacity 2-stroke bikes. It was initially named the CD70E. The present name Honda CD 70 was adopted in 1984.

Here’s What’s New:

Though superficially you may not find it that much different from its predecessors, the CD 70 2019 does bring in something new.

Every year a new model of CD is launched with minor tweaks in its design and performance. And the same thing can be witnessed in the latest 2019 model. In addition to the usual change in stickers, the most loved motorbike in Pakistan brings in improvements on the performance front.

The switch assembly has also been reshaped, offering better visibility and more convenient operation. Though the CD is not as good for longer rides as some of its rivals, the latest model brings in somewhat improvement in the level of comfort it offers.

The fuel efficiency, however, remains the same because it is already the best a 4-stroke bike can offers.

Something on Specs:

As usual, the CD is a 72cc 4-stroke bike, equipped with the standard technologies like the 4-speed constant mesh transmission system, multiple wet plates for clutch, kick start, 8.5 liters fuel tank capacity, and the sturdy backbone-type frame.

The durable ‘Econo Power’ engine of the motorcycle not only enhances its fuel economy but also makes it more environment-friendly. Thicker spokes and durable rear wheel make it a reliable travel companion for inter-city rides. Sporty muffler exhaust and stylish fuel tank add to its overall beauty and magnificence.

Why Is It Still the Best?

The CD has been revving up the hearts of bikers for decades now. And it still retains its appeal despite hard competition posed by dozens of the low-priced Chinese bike brands. It is still the bestseller and the most loved bike from the 70cc category.

Here’re a few reasons why Honda CD motorcycle is still the best.

Durable and Comfortable: From the 70cc category, the CD is not only the most durable but also a relatively comfortable bike. You will find it a faithful travel companion for short rides in cities.

Best Fuel Economy: After a sharp plunge, the fuel prices are again taking a flight upward. So, the thing that comes only second to the performance of a vehicle is its fuel economy.

Did you know the Honda 70 gives the best fuel economy a 4-stroke bike can offer? And you can expect the same in the latest model. It can run up to 80 kilometers against the consumption of a single letter of fuel. This mileage is, however, only attainable in ideal conditions, for which the circumstances may not be feasible for.

High Resale: People also like to buy the used Honda bikes with the same zeal as they did decades ago. None of its competitors, even siblings, have ever been able to compete or defeat it in the domain of resale value.

Suzuki 110 vs Honda 70:

When it comes to long, inter-city travels, the CD gets beaten up by its rival from Suzuki, the Suzuki 110. The latter’s comfort level is simply matchless. At the same time, it is almost as fuel efficient as the CD 70.

Honda CD 70 2019 Price in Pakistan – Another New:

While the Honda CD 70 is no more as affordable as it used to be, it still gives a profitable return for every penny you spend on it.

Honda CD 70 2019 Features

  • 95 Km per Hour Top Speed
  • 80 Km per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 72cm^3 Engine Displacement
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • Petrol Tank with 8.5 Liters Capacity
  • 4-Stroke OHC single cylinder cooled by air
  • Continuous 4 Speed Mash Transmission
  • New Design Fuel Tank and Sticker
  • Long Lasting Economical Power Engine, Environmentally Friendly with Fuel Milage.
  • Thicker Spokes with a Durable Rear Wheel
  • New Design with Comfortable Seat and a Safety Seat Bar
  • Tail up, Sporty Design Muffler Exhaust
  • Strong Side Cover with Lock
  • 3 Years Engine Warranty
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