The Rising Demand of Heavy Bikes and Traditional Market

Pakistan is considered to be the hub for 70 cc (cubic centimeter) engine technology in the region as declared by the Japanese automobile manufacturing giant—Honda Japan. Last year, as well, about one and a half million (1,500,000) motorcycles were produced in the country out of which the majority (nearly 80%) were 70 cc bikes. But, at the same time, the trend is shifting towards heavy bikes as the potential buyers give preference to Honda CBR 500R and Honda CBR 150R motorbikes over the less powerful 70 cc. It is quite surprising to know that last year alone the production of 100 cc bikes grew by nearly thirty-four percent (34%). In the same way, the production of the heavier 125 cc two-wheeler also increased by about twenty percent (20%). For further analysis of “the rising demand of heavy bikes and traditional market”, just read on the rest of the post.

The situation of changing consumer preference patterns is not something entirely new to the automotive industry as the neighboring country has also experienced the same shifting attitude of the public towards the heavy bikes in the recent past. It can be realized from the fact that, in India, the demand for the bikes with engines of 100 cc or above was 48% percent in 2005 but, in the year 2012, it rose to as high as 65%.

Here it is also worth mentioning that rise in the growth of heavy bikes is leaving direct negative impacts on the traditional 70 cc motorcycle market in the country. Though the volume of the traditional bikes, produced last year, was greater than that of the other motorcycles, its overall production has declined by about ten percent (10%).

There are a number of potential factors which are significantly contributing to this rapid trend shifting in the Pakistani motorbike industry, such as, increased per capita income of the people and the rise in the production level of the bulky and more powerful two-wheelers. It is not unusual or unjustifiable to claim that as the income of an individual is incremented, they use to find some way of its appropriate and fruitful expenditure. That is why, having become wealthier than before, you would prefer to possess something better than you already have. And when it comes to a personal vehicle, such as motorbike, everyone strives to gain access to the more advanced, powerful, stronger, luxurious, efficient and attractive locomotives. So, as a logical conclusion of all this discussion, you can confidently say that increased per capita income is playing a prominent role in the shifting consumer preference patterns towards heavy bikes in the postmodern era of 21st century.

Another of the greatest factors promoting the sales volume of the Suzuki Intruder, Inazuma and Hayabusa in the countries, like Pakistan, is that of the relatively increased production of such automotives. In this regard, you can witness a phenomenal jump, in the production of these automobiles, from one lac (100,000) motorcycles in 2000-01 to nearly two million (2,000,000) in the last year.

The third important factor in the promotion and popularity of the heavy bikes is that of the affordability. It, however, does not mean that their price has been cut down by the manufacturers, but it simply refers to the fact that there is not a huge difference between the prices of 70 cc and the 100cc or 125 cc bikes. Here it is to be noted that the price difference between 125cc and 150 or other bikes is much greater than you can actually expect. So, the with the addition of a little amount, the potential buyers can get a much better personal means of transportation for themselves.

The fourth major factor, giving a boost to the utility and appreciation of these higher power two-wheelers is that of the incorporation of the latest technology. Such post modern technological accomplishments result in the super fuel efficiency, environmental friendliness, and stable, smooth & safe drive, etc. So, the economically unstable and low income individuals usually prefer buying a bike which travels more with less fuel consumption. In addition, the responsible citizens of the country consider it their moral and legal obligation to protect the natural environment from pollution and purchase such vehicles which cause least harm to the environment.

From the above analysis of statement “the increasing demand of heavy bikes and traditional market”, you can draw a conclusion that the traditional 70 cc bike market is losing its worth and the demand of the heavy bikes is increasing rapidly. Some of the most important contributing factors leading to this shift of trend include: increase in per capita income; increase in the production volume; affordability; and the incorporation of the most advanced and efficient technology.

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