Best Mobil Oil For Motorcycles

Motor oil commonly known as engine oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of the engine. It entirely cleans, improves and makes the engine smoother so the driver can experience the best drive of their automobile. It actually cools the engine preventing rust or corrosion and carrying out the heat and exhaust material out of the moving parts of the engine. Motor oils are originated from petroleum and non-petroleum based oils. Motor oils available in the market today contain base oils composed of hydrocarbons, polyalphaolefins (PAO), and polyinternal olefins (PIO).

There is a wide range of motor oil variety available in the market. You can buy any of them but make sure the oil is genuine. Most of the unoriginal oils with similar brand names are spread in the market that looks exactly like the genuine oil cans but merely ruin your motorbike’s engine. Most retailers sell unoriginal oils by marketing techniques.

But do remember! Such fake oils can completely seize your motorbike’s engine and can immensely reduce its resale value. One way of testing the oil can/bottle is to look for barcode lines on the oil can. Another effective way to test the originality of the oil is to look for the company’s stamp on the cap of the oil or on the bottom of the oil container. If none of the above conditions are satisfied, do not except the oil can at any cost.

ZIC motor Oil, Havoline, Castrol, Caltex techron, Shell helix and Honda motor oil are the most common motor oils available in the market.

ZIC Motor oil

ZIC motor oil was recently introduced in the market with a starting price of 1200 per 4 liter. Moreover it surprisingly made its place in the presence of such renowned motor oils like Havoline and Castrol. ZIC motor oil was introduced with a lucky draw bumper prize that made people prefer ZIC on other oils.


Havoline is the most popular engine oil and have been satisfying its customers since decades. It is synthetic oil that lasts longer than other oils and provides a cool effect to the engine and makes it run smooth for longer time. Havoline was introduced with a lucky draw coupon but due to the unavailability of standard oils at that time it made its way to the market. Havoline current price is 1300 per liter.


The highly specialist fully synthetic Castrol Power Engine Oil works brilliantly with two stroke and four stroke motorbike engines to provide fantastic protective and performance qualities that satisfies its customers.

Caltex techron

No doubt Caltex techron is especially designed to keep your engine clean and run smooth. Caltex techron is great oil by the Caltex family that has kept its customers happy for a long time.

Honda Motor oil

Honda bikes oil is highly recommended by the Honda manufacturers as it is specially made for the Honda engine. It is the most expensive oil available in the market with the price of 2000 Rupees per 4 liter. It smells unique as compare to the other oils in the market.

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