Honda CD100 2012 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD100 2012 Price in Pakistan

Update: 13-7-2013
Rs. 80,500

Honda CD100 2012 Review

Honda is one of the leading brands of bikes in Pakistan. Producing reasonable, trustworthy, and long-lasting auto mobiles locally, Honda has made it simple and reachable for people to own their own mode of transportation. This is due to the latest Japanese technology used in its bikes like the Honda CD100 2012, which is not only a powerful but a good looking bike, making its place in the market. This bike has all the great features that make Honda so special.

Speaking of features, the first one is undoubtedly the powerful engine of this bike that is the sole reason behind its performance. The bike comes with an econo power 4-Stroke OHC cooled by air engine, a displacement of 97.1cm, and a compression ratio of 9.0:1. Such a powerful engine along with strong features gives the bike a smoother ride and a faster ride. Since this makes the bike fast and economical, it also puts it in the higher end amongst its competitors.

The bike has different weight clutch plates, a transmission of continuous 4 speed mesh and is a kick starter like all other bikes. This makes the bike powerful and gives the user the feeling of an exciting ride. Its double cradle tubular frame type makes for a strong unit and its dimensions of 1983 x 735 x 1045mm give it a great built. With a dry weight of 98 kg the bike is slightly heavy, but a beauty nonetheless.

Since these features can be found in most 100CC bikes, the question is what makes the Honda CD100 stand out from the rest. Apart from its great qualities and specifications, this bike comes with special features that give it an edge over the others in the market. These include its beautiful fuel gauge indicator, multi reflector head light, strong suspension and a crankcase emission control system. These features give the user a lot more control over the bike. The wider tires of the bike give it more road grip and hence a better balance with increased grip in hands of the user.

The Honda CD 100 is also environmental friendly with its element air cleaner (foam type) this keeps the bike from emitting too much smoke and polluting the environment. It also keeps the inside workings of the bike cleaner. The Honda CD100 also comes with a utility box that can be used to keep bike essentials and carry them around all the time without having to worry about the extra space it requires, since the utility box is built in the body of the bike.

Features like a strong footrest, comfortable seat and a unique design make the bike beautiful in both available colors, red and black. The winning style of the bike and the overall power and control it emits gives it a personality, which is admirable and easily liked. Hence the Honda CD100 can easily said to be a winner in the Honda family.

Honda CD100 2012 Features

  • Kick start system
  • 4 speed Transmission system
  • Multi Reflector Head Light
  • Element Air Cleaner (Foam Type)
  • Bigger Brake Drum with Non-Asbestose Brake Shoe
  • Strong Footrest
  • Double Cradle Strong Tubular Frame
  • Fuel Guage Indicator
  • Crankcase Emission Control System
  • Wider Tyre & Strong Road Grip
  • Petrol Capacity 9 Liter
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