Honda CB150F Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

Honda CB150F 2022 Price in Pakistan

Update: 10 Aug, 2022
Rs. 342,900

Honda CB 150 F Price in Pakistan

New CB 150 F – Incredible Safety, Style and Fuel Economy:

Honda has been dominating the motorcycle market in the country for decades. The bikes from this Japanese brand are known for their smooth drive, great fuel economy and high resale value. Various successful models belong to the categories of 70cc, 100cc, 125cc and 150cc.

Unveiled on May 3, 2017 at Emporium Mall, Lahore, the new CB 150F is the latest addition to the line of 150cc bikes. In the launch ceremony, Afaq Ahmed, GM Plants Atlas Honda, claimed that new bike is a pack of advanced safety features that will cater to the local needs of the customers.

As you can see in the Honda CB 150F pictures, the motorcycle has got a graceful and attractive appearance. The styling of the fuel tank is just like that of a sports bike. The stylish graphics impress the onlookers at the very first sight. Overall, it also gives a bit feel of a heavy bike.

CB 150F is a class leader also in terms of fuel economy. In other words, it gives greater mileage than that of all the other motorcycles in the 150cc category. Undoubtedly, for any potential buyer, it is one of the most attractive features.

A vehicle with fuel economy not only cuts the travel expenses but it is also less harmful for the environment. In fact, the new 150F is an all-in-one package for the enthusiastic bike riders.

Salient Features:

Honda CB 150F makes its way to the market at a time when buyers from the high-end segment are in dire need of it – they want new style, greater safety, high fuel economy, more stable drive and, of course, a confident ride. The new bike is going to offer not only all these features but also many more.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the salient features of the new motorbike:

  • Powerful Turbo Engine: The 150cc Turbo Engine generates enough power to give the rider an energetic and confident ride on all the road conditions. In fact, you can enjoy an adventurous ride on it.
  • 5-Gear Transmission: The aim of the 5-gear transmission system is to provide a more stable travelling experience especially at the high speeds. Such a feature may also contribute to the mileage. The shifting of gears up or down is also so smooth.
  • LED Fog Lights: High quality LED fog lights are there to increase the road visibility in the harsh and unfavorable environmental conditions, such as fog and dust storm.
  • Maintenance-free Powerful Battery: Don’t you think the maintenance of the battery is a big hassle? But you won’t have to face it here. CB 150F comes with a powerful maintenance-free backup battery. It has a considerably long life.
  • Magnetic Ignition Protection: The Neodymium Magnetic Key offers better ignition protection as the ignition switch will accept no key other than the original one. It is an impressive feature to prevent theft and burglary.
  • Awesome Riding Experience: Honda’s new 150cc bike has been designed and empowered to give an awesome riding experience both on the highway and city roads. The great technological accomplishments serve to make the drive so smooth and impressive. Comfort-yielding features of the bike render it more suitable for the long journeys.

Honda CB 150F Price in Pakistan:

What do you expect Honda CB 150F price in Pakistan? It is around Rs. 159,000. The advanced measures for style, safety, stability, comfort and fuel economy justify the bike’s price. It is for the buyers from the high-end segment who cannot compromise for style and adventure.

Honda CB150F 2022 Features

  • 4 stroke 150 cc SOHC Inherent Turbo air cooled engine with Balancer
  • Headlights with LED fog lights and emergency flasher
  • 5 gears transmission
  • Sporty fuel tank with new stylish graphics
  • Neodymium Magnet key with Shutter Lock System
  • Starter Self-start/Kick startr
  • Stylish speedometer with fuel gauge, gear indicator & trip meter
  • Impressive tail light and aluminum coated grab rail
  • Strong 'Z' section die casted alloy rims
  • Powerful front disc brake
  • Aerodynamic Muffler Exhaust
  • Viscous Air Filter
  • Petrol Capacity 13.0 Liters
  • Dry Weight 124 kg
  • Viscous Air Filter
  • Viscous Air Filter
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