Yamaha YBR125 2024 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR125 2024

Yamaha YBR125 2024 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 452,500
Yamaha YBR125 2024

Yamaha YBR125G 2024 Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 Jan, 2024
Rs. 474,500

Yamaha YBR125 2024 Review

Yamaha YBR125 is the current sensation in Pakistan. Essentially, it is a lightweight bike, introduced by Yamaha Motor Company—an offshoot of the parent company Yamaha Corporation—in 2005. With its recent venture into the Pakistani market, it has seen a very warm reception. Despite a number of trusted motorcycle brands already existing in the arcade, YBR has managed to scoop a good share of the market. It is designed stylishly and packed with advanced features. YBR boasts of a chic and sporty look, which has made it stand out amongst the typically styled and designed bikes. It comes in naked, faired and custom variants.

Let’s find out more about this new kid on the block below:


This machine is powered by a 124cc 4-stroke engine along with a 5-speed gearbox for the matchless and suave ride and an exhilarating travelling experience. The SOHC technology powered engine contains air cooling mechanism. For minimizing vibrancy, the engine comes with an engine balancer. The body type of YBR is tourer. Read on to find out more about its detail and specifications.

  • Bore and Stroke: 54.0 * 54.0 millimeter
  • Clutch: N/A
  • Starting: Self-starter/Kick starter
  • Petrol Capacity: 13.0 Liter
  • Dimensions: 1975 * 745 * 1085 millimeter
  • Tyre at back: 90/90-18 51S
  • Tyre at front: 2.75- 18 42P
  • Displacement: 124
  • Frame: N/A
Model Last Updated On Price
Yamaha YBR125 Price in 2024 06 Jan, 2024 PKR 452,500
Yamaha YBR125 Price in 2022 21 Oct, 2022 PKR 315,000
Yamaha YBR125 Price in 2021 01 July, 2021 PKR 295,500
Yamaha YBR125 Price in 2020 01 June, 2020 PKR 280,000
Yamaha YBR125 Price in 2019 01 June, 2019 PKR 270,900

The total dry weight of YBR is 114 KG. The transmission system used in it is the constant mesh 5 speed. It has a reasonably good displacement, which is around 124 and a compression ratio of 10.0:1 is also laudable. The ground clearance it gives is 145 mm which is good enough for the bumpy and unkempt roads. The previous models of YBR, launched before 2007, used a carburetor system but the newer ones have been equipped with fuel injection technology.

In the year 2024, Yamaha introduced a dual sport version of Yamaha YBR125 and it was named as Yamaha YBR 125 G. It came with added features and off-road improvements like engine, higher front fender and anti-collision fender for the head lights, hand guards and new block pattern tiles.


The Yamaha YBR125 price, announced by the company at its launch, is around 129,400PKR. Keeping in mind the style, design, body and the powerhouse of features that it is, the price is considerably nominal. According to the buyers, some of the dealers, especially in Karachi, are selling this bike for 135,400PKR as opposed to the company set price. This price has been set by the shop owners for spot buying. The customers need to pay this increased amount plus the registration fee, which is around PKR 4000 to walk home with their new possessions right there and then.


The reviews have been great so far. People have thronged to the market to get their hands on this beautiful new addition to the already thriving motor bikes market. The success of this new comer can be gauged by the fact that the sales of the previously dominant players have declined since YBR made its debut in the arena. In the last fiscal year, Honda and Suzuki sold a total of 535,078 and 20,176 units respectively. While the figures for this year have decreased to only 526,327 units for Honda and 18,743 units for Suzuki. Apart from these figures, the general response has been great and the word of mouth is going strong and positive for YBR. The customers are happy and satisfied with the beauty and a lot of good features accompanying it.


Bearing in mind all the great reviews from the happy customers, it can be said that YBR has a good future in the Pakistani market. It also seems to have the potential to revive the trust, customer loyalty and the trademark quality that was once associated with its producer, the Yamaha Motor Company. Considering the glorious past Yamaha once had in the motorbike segment in the country, all eyes are on YBR now and the competitors are also considering it a potential threat in the near future. The demand has been on a constant hike since its launch. The fact that the dealers are asking for an “on” on payment speaks volume of the positive response it has generated in the market. The features and the stylish body are definitely working their charm on the customers. It will be interesting to see YBR how performs in the market in the next couple of years.

Yamaha YBR125 Features

  • 4 stroke, Air Cooled, SOHC Engine
  • Constant Mesh 5-Speed Transmission
  • Front Disc Brake with Excellent Stopping Power, Touch and Control
  • Self starter / Kick Starter System
  • Maintenance-free cast wheel, 18-inch tires front and rear
  • Front Suspension Designed for a Comfortable Ride
  • 12V - DC CDI Ignition System
  • A 35WHalogen Headlight in a Single-unit Design with the Smoked Windshield
  • A Twin-dial Instrument Panel with Gear Position Indicator and Fuel Gauge
  • Center stand, Easy to Grip Grab-bar, a Chrome-plated Muffler
  • Available in Red, Blue and Black Colors
  • 13.0 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity
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