Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 Price, Pictures in Pakistan-Yamaha Bikes New Model

Dyl Dhoom

Yamaha Dhoom Price in Pakistan

Update: 06 May, 2015
Rs. 50,500

Yamaha Dhoom Review

Reemergence of Yamaha’s Dhoom—Standing Out Among Peers:

The70cc bike from DYL Motorcycles reappears on the scene with an improved model for 2015.It comes with an even greater focus on quality of features and overall performance potential. Many parts have been manufactured through new advanced processing techniques for better functionality. Besidesgreat improvements in design, the aesthetics have also been considerably enhanced to make the onlooker stunned. As an obvious consequence of all these cutting-edge accomplishments, the YD-70 Dhoom really stands out among the competing brands from Honda and other motorbike manufacturing companies.

Energetic 4-Stroke Machine:

The era of 2-stroke motorbikes has already passed and no one will go for anything less than 70cc displacement and a 4-stroke engine. In case of Yamaha Dhoom, you will get a lot more than this as the machinery is not an ordinary one: it comes with marvelous improvements to make the motorcycle your lifelong companion.

On the basis of their real life experience, the customers regard YD-70’s 4-Stroke engine as a benchmark for power, speed, energy and reliability. Owing to the enhanced fuel efficiency, you get extraordinary mileage. The power, durability and strength make it to be the perfect travelling companion for both city and country drives. The exemplary combination of fuel efficiency and power make it defeat the staunch rivals in the automobile market.

Attractive and Inexpensive at the Same Time:

Having already won a huge applause from a large number of fans, Yamaha now emerges with something extremely attractive as well as very inexpensive. Even with the ease of affordability, you do not have to make any compromises for the advanced and highly demanded features. Serving the national customers for previous nearly four decades, the Dawood Yamaha Limited (DYL: a joint venture of Pakistani and Japanese companies) has achieved a great success in the field of motorcycle industry. The new YD-70 from DYL comes with every single thing that must be found in an economy class two-wheeler.

Price Factor:

Can you imagine a stylish, exquisitely designed and high performance vehicle with the price of around fifty thousand in this era of sky-rocketing inflation? But the dream comes now true in the form of new Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 2015 price in Pakistan that is already selling like hot cakes and has left the rivals far behind in competition. Actually, in the present scenario of shrinking economies, only a few upper class individuals can afford the extremely expensive motorcycles, such as Inazuma, Hayabusa and Intruder from Suzuki. A product of common appeal for the public in large can be only that which comes with economy without compromising for the standard features.

Fuel Efficiency:

In a country that is already suffering from intense energy crisis, the cost of fuel does matter more than the cost of the vehicle itself. That is, a cheaper bike will be of no use for you if it inculcates drastic after-effects in the form of undue fuel consumption. You are a lucky buyer because this is not the case with Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 as the latest innovations in its machinery bring you high fuel efficiency. Running more than 65 kilometers with one liter of petrol, it is best for the low-income customers. It is important to be noted that, previously, Yamaha and fuel economy didn’t go hand in hand and, this time, such a feature seems to be a bonus from the manufacturers for the newly motivated public.

While searching for a right kind of bike, the people can never ignore its resale value. An automobile with a high re-cash potential gives you economic security as your hard earned money remains safe. Sometimes the people are not satisfied with what they have owned and want to go for an alternative after selling their possession with good price. For the achievement of this end, your present motorbike will provide a high return for your investment than any other competitor in the market.

Fuel Tank Capacity:

The high capacity of the fuel tank for accommodating up to 9.5 liters of oil is yet another point of appeal for the potential buyers. The enhanced fuel storage combined with little consumption will keep you going for hundreds of kilometers, without an immediate need of refilling it. This will be of great advantage especially for those who have to travel long distances on daily basis.

Spare Parts Availability:

Whatever the quality and promising features may be, some of the parts of an automobile have relatively shorter lifespan than the others. So, you have to replace them with the similar ones as provided by the manufacturing firm. The good news is that spare parts and other mechanical tools are easily available in the market across almost every city of Pakistan. In addition to it, the after-sale service centers of this bike manufacturer have made arrangements for the provision of maintenance & repairs, replacement of old, exhausted parts, and addressing to the queries and ambiguities of the customers. At these special points, the expert maintenance staff will actively resolve the problems of users whenever they require.

Bottom Line:

From all these logical arguments, it becomes obvious that with affordable Yamaha Dhoom2015 price, the motorcycle has virtually no match in the country, particularly, owing to its quality features, durability, little fuel consumption and amazing resale value. So, if you want a single solution for all of your travelling needs, DYL 70 reemerges in 2015 as the best option.

Yamaha Dhoom Features

  • Air Cooled, 4-Stroke, SOHC Engine
  • Kick Starter System
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • 9.5L (1.5 Liter Reserve) Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Fuel reserve capacity is 1.5L
  • 50 to 55 Average (KM/L)
  • Prominent Speed Meter
  • Powerful Rear Jump
  • Powerful Tail Light
  • Long-Life Engine
  • Durable and Comfortable Seat
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