DYL YD-125 Sports Bike Price in Pakistan with Review and Pics

Dyl 125

DYL YD-125 Sports Price in Pakistan

Update: 05 May, 2015
Rs. 105,000

DYL YD-125 Sports Review

The sporting activities are as old as the human generation itself on the planet earth. But, with the passage of time as the great scientific and technological advancements were made, the health promoting mechanisms evolved and emerged in new forms and strategies. The two-wheeled automotive, called motorcycle that was developed to serve as a means of transportation is now used for racing with the same passion and vigor. As there are many auto manufacturing companies in the world, you can witness intense competition among them which ultimately benefits the users of their products. To bring a new taste in sporting, the Dawood Yahama Limited (DYL) has recently launched an advanced version of the sports motorbike, YD-125 Sports. Let’s have a brief overview of some of its special features:

Color Range

Color of the vehicle plays an important role in the process of decision making, because everybody has a different taste for a particular hue. It comes in bright blue, black and red colors with stylish and uniquely designed sport front that provides strong grip for the drivers. Among these shades, you can easily make a choice of your own.

Engine Power

One of the most convincing aspects of the bike is that it is powered with 125cc EURO II OHV engine which is an excellent achievement of the auto industry in the field of post modern technology. The high powered and efficient engine is the primary requirement for a biker to win the race with prominence.

Down-force Design

A bike that does not allow the racer stoop forward over the handle is considered as seriously lacking and inappropriate for the occasion. But you need not worry a bit, as the down-force design of the latest sports bike model puts you ahead and makes you the deserving winner of the race.

More Features

i. The 4-stroke OHV engine of the race inspired bike is air cooled that not only increases its efficiency, but also serves to prolong the life.

ii. The 12.5 liter fuel tank capacity of YD-125 Sports eliminates the need for refilling oil times and again, that is one of the great advantages for the sportsman.

iii. The Maximum Net Power reaches up to 7.2 Kw/8500 rpm that can enable you drive on the rough road without causing any inconvenience.

iv. With the help of multifunctional speedometer, you can not only view the instantaneous speed display, but also take various other essential measurements with the help of RMP gauge, fuel gauge, and digital gear indicator.

Foot Note

Manufactured by a Pakistani firm in collaboration with the renowned Japanese company, Yamaha, this new stylish model of the sports bike is of more worth than charged by the company. So, if you really dream of becoming a motorbike racing champion, just give it a try! The convenient and affordable price package, offered by the company, is the prime piece of attraction in this age of everyday rising inflation.

DYL YD-125 Sports Features

  • 25cc EURO II, Air Cooled, 4-Stroke, OHV Engine
  • 5-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission
  • Wet-Sump Lubrication System
  • Kick Start System
  • Telescopic, Un-Covered, Inner Spring Front Suspension
  • Swing Arm Rear Cushion
  • 12V/CDI Ignition System
  • Racy Front Headlight Plus Built-in LED Flashers
  • Multi-functional Speedometer with fuel gauge, Digital Gear Indicator and RPM gauge
  • Comfortable Double Seat with Chrome Assist Grip
  • Distinctly Sporty LED Indicators
  • Available in Red, Blue and Black Colors
  • 12.5 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity
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