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Dyl Mini100

DYL Mini 100 2013 Price in Pakistan

Update: 13-7-2013
Rs. 64,900

DYL Mini 100 Review

With the ultimate launch of the long awaited DYL Mini 100 for the year 2013, the customers can expect some strong ripples coming in and a loud splash going out. However, you should not be confusing it with a revisited model of Dhoom as it draws a class of its own. After having achieved glorious success and wholesome response from the users of Dhoom, DYL Motorcycle Company now emerges with a hot styled and performance oriented 100CC motorbike in Pakistan. The most amazingly, it delivers better performance, more power, top notch quality build with a lower price than Honda CD 70 2013 which is just exciting!

Price Factor:

If you just consider the DYL Mini 100 price in Pakistan, you will be startled and unable to believe that such a powerful and advanced technological marvel of the postmodern age could be bought for an exchange of slightly over sixty thousand rupees! This is the best ever opportunity, especially, for those who cannot go for the highly expensive two-wheelers such as ‘Intruder’, ‘Inazuma’, and ‘Hayabusa’ brands by Suzuki.

A Misconception:

At the very first glance, the new motorcycle looks like the modified and accomplished model of Dhoom. This is the reason, people are calling it Dhoom 100 cc, but that is not true. Nevertheless, many of its design features are identical with those of its sibling.

Euro II Tech:

Dawood Yamaha Limited has first time introduced Euro II technology in their motorcycles after being introduced by Atlas Honda and Pak Suzuki Ltd. The company now enjoys the honor of being the third bike’s manufacturer to embrace Euro II technology in the country. With the 4-stroke powerful 100cc engine conforming to Euro II emission standards, the new bike is expected to present amazing performance on road.

Power Pack Economy:

Coming to the expectations of users connected with this motorbike, the company has named it as “Power Pack Economy”. You will be enjoying the power of 100cc bike for the economy of 70cc. This is precisely what appeals the most to the ordinary individuals who are already passing through the intense economic constraints and are unable to afford sky-rocketing fuel prices in the country.

Some Other Fascination:

  • In terms of style and design, it is a product of perfect engineering endeavors which can easily be witnessed just by have a glance over the DYL Mini 100 pictures available all over the internet.
  • The DYL Mini 100 features include all newly designed head light, smart back light, attractive speedometer as well as sporty silencer or muffler.
  • Simply for the sake of safety and convenience, the hand grips have been modified with style and innovation.
  • You can’t resist appreciating its enhanced features, like fuel tank capacity of 9.5 Liter, 4-stroke single cylinder engine, sporty and spacious seat, and wider mudguard. However, the indicators come with same shape as in the previous model.
  • So it is a quality vehicle in terms of design and performance and comparing the price with its features, the bike is worth buying.
  • In terms of DYL Mini 100 price, maintenance expenditures and fuel consumption, the bike will surely prove to be the best travelling companion throughout your life.
  • For the time being, the motorbike will be available only in red color which is always the favorite choice for the majority of the riders.

Bottom Line:

To sum up, the vehicle is for those who love to feel power combined with high fuel economy, as the same is true for this new version. Whether you are a university student, doing a job in private/public sector or just an ordinary guy and are excited about trying newly launched bikes, it will surely be a great entertainment and a unique experience for you. After having learnt a lot from the past experiences, the company has added a higher value in the latest products. Since long, the firm has been in continuous struggle for earning a good repo in the market. The first 4-stroke model was Yamaha Junoon which, however, could not prove to be a great success. However, Yamaha Dhoom was a landmark achievement that made a strong impression in the motorcycle market.

DYL Mini 100 2013 Features

  • Powerful 4-Stroke, Air-cooled, SOHC Engine (Euro II)
  • Kick Start System
  • Bright Headlights and Flashers
  • Smart Handle Grip
  • Sporty Shape Muffler
  • Attractive Speedometer
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Smart Tail Light
  • Fuel Tank Capacity up to 9.5 Liters
  • 1.5 Liters Fuel Reserve Capacity
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