The Best Bikes in Pakistan

You must be a student or on the verge of starting your professional career. Dad promised that he will buy you a bike when you will start your college, university or when you will go to your first job. The task was difficult but the reward is confusing. It is confusing that is why you are here because you are not sure which bike to buy. With so many manufacturing companies it is always a bit tricky to find the right bike for yourself. Here we will list down the best bikes in Pakistan. The list will not include the heavy bikes or illegal street bikes but just normal bikes.

Honda Deluxe

In Pakistan we are following an unknown quality and reliability trend about the products we buy. When it comes to computer we prefer Dell, mobile phone of Nokia, TV of Sony, vehicle of Toyota and similarly bike of Honda. Even companies are aware of this trend that is why Atlas Honda came up with slogan ‘Mein Tan Honda He Lesan’ when they introduced Honda Deluxe in Pakistan.

Atlas Honda has worked hard and has manufactured quality bikes in Pakistan to maintain its reputation. Honda Deluxe is one step ahead of Honda CG 125 in design and efficiency. The magnificent and stylish design of Honda Deluxe gives a look of a heavy bike. Honda Deluxe is also 125CC but the main difference between Honda Deluxe and Honda CG125 is that Honda has 5 gears.

The new Honda Deluxe comes up with a stylish fuel tank with beautiful graphics and fuel gauge indicator meter along with acceleration and speed meter. The price of Honda Deluxe in Pakistan is Rs. 118,000.

Honda CG125

Honda CG 125 is the most popular bike in Pakistan and the dream of every guy at the young age. The engine and acceleration sound of Honda CG 125 makes bike lovers go crazy. The new Honda CG125 2013 model comes up with new exciting features. The most notable feature in the new model is the design of the petrol tank and the graphics. The stylish black silencer covered with steel cover which was introduced in 2012 model is also retained in Honda CG125 2013 model. Honda CG125 is ideal for high runs and rough pathways. The price of Honda CG125 in Pakistan is Rs. 98,000 and is available in two colours black and red.

Yamaha Junoon

Yamaha at one time was the leading manufacturing company in Pakistan until Honda slowly overtook them. Yamaha made a comeback with a bang with the release of Yamaha Junoon. Yamaha Junoon impressed everyone with its design and features. It is a 100CC bike with stroke engine. The price of new Yamaha Junoon 2013 model in Pakistan is Rs 78,600.

Honda CD70

Bikes with 70cc engines flourished in Pakistan with the dramatic rise in petrol price. People now prefer bikes with low engine power to cope with petroleum prices. When it comes to low engine bikes the only name that strikes in the mind of every Pakistani is Honda CD70. Its stylish design and Japanese technology used is just what everyone desires. The new CD70 2013 model comes with a 2 year engine warranty by Honda and Honda also claims that the bike can travel 80km in only one liter petrol. The price of new Honda CD70 2013 in Pakistan is Rs 68,000.

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