New Range Of Suzuki Heavy Bikes In Pakistan Launched

The official launch of Suzuki heavy bikes in Pakistan was a bedazzling event with superfluous entertainment, where the excited bike fanatics and wealthy businessmen honored the occasion. The company is ready to adorn Pakistani auto market with three hottest bikes of the year: Hayabusa GSX 1300R, Intruder M800 and Inazuma GW250. The trio has been given the title of Suzuki’s “Power League”. This launch was made by Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited.

The company has finally removed its old label of “boring” through this captivating event. The launch of these sturdy three beasts has put a new label of “dynamism” on their Japanese manufacturer. All three of these heavy bikes can be ranked high both in terms of style and performance. Therefore, now bike lovers in Pakistan will have a design that mesmerizes onlookers along with a performance which will keep the world utterly spellbound.

Pakistan’s market consists of a diversity of customers. General preferences as well as the budget both play a significant role in what different buyers select. Keeping this fact in mind, Suzuki's Power League consists of heavy bikes for all types of audiences. Even though all the three bikes are impressive, their specifications and cost vary.

Hayabusa GSX 1300R is the most luxurious of the three bikes. It is an utterly stunning monster which roars powerfully with its 1340cc DOHC liquid cooled engine. Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers, first class safety features and a responsive transmission are the major qualities of this amazing heavy bike. It has been launched in the country in three colors. Glossy white and black are for an elegant look while yellow is also an option for those seeking a funkier appearance.

On the other hand, Intruder M800 and Inazuma GW250 have been launched with specifications which are a little towards the average side. Their engines are 805 cc and 248 cc respectively. Both the bikes have been designed as a fusion between the old classic motorbike design and a modern sporty look. They are going to cost lower than the phenomenal Hayabusa.

Hirofumi Nagao, the Managing Director of Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited, expressed his enthusiasm at the launch of these heavy bikes in Pakistan. He values Pakistan’s customers and appreciates the response Suzuki has been getting from the country’s market for years. Nagao has expressed that he feels a sense of pride with the release of this brand new range of bikes in Pakistan as this is going to increase reliability and trustworthiness between the company and its honorable clients in Pakistan.

With these original bikes in the market, the local customers will be experiencing quality as well as reliability. There is going to be a widespread network of dealership throughout the country, making these wonderful bikes accessible to clients in every part of the country. Moreover, Suzuki also intends to provide the best customer care service, further strengthening the bond with their valued Pakistani customers.

Bikers all over the country will soon be gathering around this wonderful new collection of heavy bikes in Suzuki showrooms. These wonders will definitely sell like hot cakes. At the official launch of this alluring trio, some bikes were booked right away by bikers who could not wait to lay their hands on these beauties.

The rest of the bike fans will also be able to book their orders through Suzuki dealers in their respective cities. The future sales of these heavy bikes will reveal more facts, such as, which one of them is the most preferred type of motorbike among people. This analysis will be extremely beneficial for future launches by the Japanese manufacturing firm. For now, it has already succeeded at winning the hearts of a large number of bikers.

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