New Honda CG 125 2012 Has New Features and Style


Honda Atlas has always made huge efforts to make premiere class motorbikes for the Pakistani market. There is no doubt that they have definitely yielded high dividends as a return of those efforts. Honda Atlas was formed as a result of a merger between Atlas group and Honda motors company Japan. Since 1988 the company has made strong footholds in Pakistani market in every part of the country. Honda Atlas has introduced its new commotion in the market in the form of new Honda CG 125. Honda CG 125 is undoubtedly the best bike in Pakistan. There is no other bike in the country by any other manufacturer which can challenge the speed and power of Honda CG 125. This model of Honda CG 125 became so much popular in Pakistan that despite the company introduced the newer and bigger Honda 125 deluxe even then people asked for the previous model of Honda CG 125.


The Honda 125 is released with some stunning brand new features which are stylish, useful and helpful. New Honda CG 125 has a new super enhance silencer with a fashionable protector. There were some incidents on the previous models of foot burns due to its very hot silencer especially in long rides. This protector will certainly eradicate that issue forever.

The power and passion associated with this bike is its prime and supreme feature. This newish model is also provided with the same credible and powerful 4-stroke smoke less engine which is a trademark of Honda. The bike has new stylish petrol tank, relaxed seat with back grip, fashionable speedometer with economy zone, graceful front light, new shape for back light. All these features have contributed a lot to enhance its overall personality to a great deal. The bike is promising so much that there is a firm chance of its huge success like the previous family members.


This is a time when various Chinese bikes imposed a severe competition on Honda. But despite some tries by various other companies like Metro and others, they couldn’t make a copy of Honda CG 125. It is truly a Japanese sensation with the brilliance of Honda. The price of new Honda CG 125 2013 in Pakistan is 98,000 rupees from your nearest dealer. Honda Atlas has a widespread dealer network all over the country to provide its customers a better user experience.

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