Most Economical Motorbike in Pakistan

It sometimes becomes necessary to ride a bike that is economical for your budget. The 4-stroke Honda 70 by Atlas Honda is the most economical motorcycle in Pakistan. Besides being most economical it is also most popular motorbike in the region and has become a symbol of quality in the country. Most of the times, it is named “first choice” in motorcycles. Due its popularity and durability, CD 70 has been the most selling motorcycle in the country since 1984. Despite the fact that several other brands have mushroomed over the years, there is none that has come close to it.

Honda was the first manufacturer to introduce 4-stroke motorcycle in the world. Since the first model, Atlas Honda has been continuously improving and modifying its CD70 brand in every next model it launches. So if you like to ride a bike which is quiet, comfortable and above all most economical then Honda 70 is just for you. So what make the bike most preferred choice of riders in Pakistan?

The first and foremost reason of its popularity is performance and technology. Built on Japanese technology, CD70 gives super economical ride of 45 miles (72 KM) per litre which is better than any other bike in Pakistan. The bike comes along with 9-litre fuel tank, solid engine and comfortable seat and you can buy it within the budget of Rs. 70,000.

Typically, Honda CD 70 is seen in two colors “Red” and “Black”. Its best combination of design, sporty and comfortable seat and appealing look promise you to enjoy superior ride. With 2-years warranty, you will have the peace of mind at least for the first two years. Moreover the dealers’ network has been spanned in every corner of Pakistan making the parts availability at your door step.

The solid engine can carry bunch of loads on very steep roads while maintaining the balance at the same time. For this capability it is also named “Rocket” in Pakistan. This small bike is competent to deliver great value for the price.

Have you noticed its name CD70 what it tells? It identifies the “Cash Deposit 70” and rightly so. The bike has a high resale value so while you buy this bike you make sure you have deposited money which you can cash any time. Its great resale value is more than an investment with a worth of life time asset. Since CD70 is the most popular motorcycle in Pakistan, it always remains in demand. Don’t bother to contact any dealer, just go and sell it and that’s it.

Besides the launch of other models of motorcycle by company, CD 70 never loses its value and name. However it is still liked in all over the Pakistan. The Honda motorcycle brand was first launched in 1984. At that time the bike was directly imported from Japan including its assembly and parts. Gradually company was able sustain its position to the top seller of motorcycles in Pakistan. Today all the manufacturing of CD70 is managed in Pakistan and company have successful brands that are unique in their own right.

Some may come ahead with the claim of selling similar bikes at a much lower cost. The fact remains that not only those bikes have a low cost built but have an average life of 5-6 years, which is not even close to Honda’s CD70. In terms of durability, reliable performance, low maintenance cost, Honda CD 70 comes up as the best economical choice in Pakistan.

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