How to Keep Your Bike Up and Running for A Long Time?

Either you buy a new bike or a 2nd hand one, your ultimate wish is to keep your bike up and running for a long time. Here we will guide you how to to keep your bike up and running for a long time. The basic and most important thing for keeping your bike up and running for a long time is to understand your bike. You must know your bike extremely well. One must understand that nature of the bike is different from the car and makes more demands on the owner. The efficiency of all the operations like running, turning and stopping smoothly depends upon your skills and knowledge about your bike.

To get the best knowledge about your bike read the owner’s manual carefully. If you don’t have owner manual then download it from your bike’s manufacturing company’s website. All the bikes are not exactly alike so it is important to read the owner’s manual of the bike you have. The manual will help you to understand the nature of your bike and it will help you in understanding and maintain your bike. The bike doesn’t require day-to-day maintenance but you also cannot ignore its maintenance for too long. Read the points carefully listed below they will help you in keeping your bike up and running for a long time.

1. When you buy a new bike, it is very important to do its running properly. Many bike experts believe that running of the bike determines the engine life period of the bike. If you do running of the bike according to the instructions given in the Owner’s manual the engine of your bike will last longer. The standard running period of the bike is 500km at the speed no more than 40kph.

2. The first engine oil change of your bike is also as important as running. Generally the engine oil change is recommended after the first 500 km or when the running period ends but it is important to check the Owner’s manual about the time to change the engine oil of your bike.

3. Your bike also comes up with a service schedule listed in the Owner’s manual. It is highly recommended to take the bike to the authorized dealer for a scheduled service.

4. Keep your bike neat and clean and do not let dust and dirt gather on it as they will spoil the natural colour and shine of your bike if they are on bike for too long.

5. Keep a close eye on the battery of your bike. Make sure the fluid in the battery is where it should be and if it is not then fill it with distilled water. Be careful while handling the battery because it contains sulphuric acid. Get your battery recharged when you feel its low, low light and horn are signs of low battery.

6. Understand the functions of tools in the tool kit by reading the owner’s manual and keep the kit in your bike all the time.

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