Honda Bikes 2014 - What Honda May Introduce New

Honda is a reliable and popular name in the automobile market of Pakistan. The motorcycles manufactured by the company are among the most favored choices of the interested buyers. These motorbikes are elegant, simple, user-friendly and affordable. Currently, there are several series in the market. However, no major change has been seen from one generation to another. It seems like Honda bikes 2014 will also come without any revolutionary improvements.

The following discussion explains the features of all popular models of Honda bikes 2014.

CD 70 Model:

It is an affordable bike with two years warranty, a practical design and appreciable performance. Honda CD 70 succeeded at winning the hearts of Pakistani bikers in 2013 with its great features. However, for the next year, no major changes can be expected. Currently, the bike boasts of the following specs.

  • A four-stroke, smoke free engine with the ability of going up to seventy KM in one liter of fuel.
  • A four gear transmission system with wet clutch plate for convenient and manageable driving.
  • Left hand control switches assembly—a change in the design.
  • An aerodynamic body for convenient cruising. This reduces the air drag and keeps the speed steady.
  • A fuel tank capacity of nine liters which makes long journeys possible.

The minor changes in this model are the improvement in fuel economy and mileage. In addition, the ergonomics have also been enhanced.

CG 125 Model:

The latest CG 125 has been an anticipated model for the coming year. However, other than its price, no changes have been introduced. The major features of the bike are mentioned below:

  • Just like the CD 70 model, there is a 4-stroke engine which is smoke free.
  • The manufacturers have incorporated Euro II technology in order to make the motorcycle an environment-friendly vehicle. This technology regulates the emission of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, from the bike.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 9.2 liters.
  • Slightly improved ergonomics provide you enhanced productivity and manageability. For instance, the new speedometer design houses an economy zone which lets you keep track of your fuel expenditure.
  • A more powerful 12 V (volt) battery has been placed instead of the old 6 V power storage.

The CG 125 model does not only resemble its predecessor, but is also much like the CD 70 model in overall design and output.

Delux Model:

The Delux model boasts of a sporty outlook and a more powerful performance than the previous two series. It is an exciting version in the world of motorbikes. However, between 2012 and 2014, nothing much has changed regarding the main features. This trend reveals that the manufacturers are only introducing minor changes instead of any considerable modifications.

Here are the basic features of the Delux model.

  • Following the footsteps of CD 70 and CG 125, the Delux model also possesses a four-stroke engine and adequate fuel economy—no variation between different models.
  • Euro II technology controls the emission of polluting gases.
  • A state-of-the-art tachometer reveals the level of the remaining petrol in the fuel tank.
  • A five speed transmission system with more power even at low RPM.

The bold looking Delux model does possess a few features which are different from the other series. However, the models of 2012 and 2013 do not vary much from each other.

Pridor Model:

Pridor is another elegant motorcycle in the Honda family with only slight variations from the other series. It is a variant of the CD 100 model with little alterations in the appearance and some of the features.

The main specs of the cruiser are as follows:

  • A four stroke engine with OHV technology—the same engine which powers up the other bikes in the family.
  • A four speed mesh transmission system.
  • A large fuel tank capacity of 9.7 liters.
  • The external design combines comfort with style. The seat height, handle for grip and ergonomics are just perfect.

Bottom Line:

Year in and year out, the Japanese manufacturers come up with new variants with an increased price, but no considerable innovation. Even different series in the family resemble one another to a great extent with respect to the appearance, power and other general features. This lack of variation is a disappointment, but these motorcycles still remain to be the best-selling brand in Pakistan.

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