New Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan 2017 Model

Honda Pridor 2017 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 July, 2017
Rs. 86,500

Honda Pridor 2017 Review

Pridor 2017 – Full of Style:

The new Honda Pridor 2017 is bringing a sense of pride for the lovers of fashion, style and power. You will find it the best travel partner on all types of terrains. Its ability to run on all sorts of surfaces comes from the advanced OHC Econo-Power engine. The strong suspension and a double cradle frame contribute a lot to its durability and reliability.

The new Pridor 2017 has got an improved aerodynamic design with a sleek style. This is also one of the reasons that every adventure lover wants to enjoy a ride on it.

Powerful 4-Stroke Engine:

The great power of Pridor comes from an energetic 100cc engine. It is an OHC, 4-stroke machine with single cylinder. There is an efficient air-cooling mechanism to prevent the engine from overheating even in the scorching heat of summer.

The outstanding power of Pridor makes it one of the most loved Honda bikes among the buyers. You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable drive even on the rough and bumpy roads.

Modern Designing Standards of Honda Pridor 2017:

You can call the design of the latest model as an epitome of modernity. An air of style and modernity emanates from every inch of the bike. In other words, right from the headlight to the backlight, you will find everything so fine and fascinating.

The headlight is so bright and stylish with a beautiful visor leaning from the top. Turning to the dashboard, this too has a creative design. The winkers have an inspiring shape and contouring. The backlight has an attractive cowl over it that has a fine aerodynamic shape.

The back parts of the two-wheeler are a bit raised to give the bike a sporty look. The same also improves the aerodynamics to give you a smooth an unwavering ride even through the windy and turbulent environment.

Immediate Start & Optimum Acceleration:

You may be going somewhere with your friends or colleagues and the motorcycle causes trouble in starting. It is very embarrassing. But Honda’s new Pridor is there to save you from all such embarrassment everywhere and every time.

The manufacturers have installed a new carburetor for optimum supply of fuel to the engine. It prepares the vehicle for immediate start and stable idling. Also the acceleration remains at optimum level.

Big Fuel Tank with Better Reserve:

The contoured fuel tank is decent not only in the external looks but also in terms of capacity to accommodate gasoline. That is, it can store up to 9.7 liters of petrol. Meanwhile, the engine technology gives higher fuel efficiency. It means you can go for hundreds of miles with single refill. As another good news, the reserve capacity of the fuel tank is 1.5 liter.


With reasonable and affordable Honda Pridor 2017 price in Pakistan, the motorbike is already popular among all and sundry in the country. There are improvements in the design and performance of the latest model. They further add to its worth and appeal. Therefore, you can expect that the new release will attract more sales than its predecessor.

Honda Pridor 2017 Features

  • 100cc Engine Displacement
  • 4-Stroke OHC Air-Cooled Single Cylinder Engine
  • 4-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission
  • 115 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 60+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 9.7 Liters (reserve 1.5 liters) Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Kick Starter
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork 94 mm travel
  • Back Suspension:Swing arm 84 mm travel
  • Comfortable Height and Relaxing Seat with Seat Bar
  • Sleek Design Contoured Fuel Tank with Garnished Side Covers
  • Brightly Lit New Dashboard Design Speedometer
  • Stylish and Bright Headlights with Visor
  • New Design Winkers and Backlight with Aerodynamic cowl
  • New Black-Painted Muffler Exhaust with Garnish
  • New Carburetor, Immediate Start with Stable Idling and Optimum Acceleration
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • 3 Years Engine Warranty and Free Service
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