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Honda CG Dream 2018 Price in Pakistan

Update: 17 April, 2018
Rs. 106,900

Honda CG Dream 2018 Review

Beautiful Design & Phenomenal Performance:

Are you really in search of a two-wheeler travelling companion whose beauty and efficiency have been given new dimensions? If that be the case, the legendary Japanese auto manufacturer Honda has something really very special for you in its stores this time. Yes, the all new Honda CG Dream brings you highly modernized design, sleek and contoured fuel tank with attractive graphics, a comfortable seat, a unique seat-bar, and so on. Extra glow comes from the reflector of its taillight, while the rear fender is sporty, solid and rust free. For enhanced illumination in the pitch dark of the moonless nights, the multi-reflector headlight is provided with a powerful halogen bulb. The real fascination, however, comes from the unmatched power and phenomenal performance of its high tech OHV design engine that has been implanted into the vehicle after trials, tests and retests.

Air Cooled OHV 4-Stroke Machine:

Carrying the dry weight of about 99 kg, it features redefined standards for the technical specification, thus enabling you enjoy luxury, power and economy at the same time. Its modern air-cooled OHV engine generates exceptionally high power output in a streamline way with its latest 4-stroke technology to take you smoothly even on the rough and harsh terrain conditions. Likewise the 4-speed constant mesh transmission system and roller chain final drive are just amazing. Concerning the nature of the OHV or Over-Head Valve technology, as the very name suggests, it places the valves over the head of the pistons which makes it significantly advantageous over the old flat head engine. Besides ensuring fuel economy and phenomenal performance, the new OHV engine comes with smaller overall packaging. This compactness is owed to the location of camshaft inside the engine block. When compared with its OHC counterpart, the OHV engine is incorporated with less complex drive system. The former type requires the use of tensioners which add somewhat complexity to the engine. In the latter type, the less complexity is owed to the positioning of the camshaft just above the crankshaft as well as either there is a much smaller chain or even a direct gear connection.

Red & Black Models with Advanced Ergonomics:

This time you won’t be restricted to just one shade for your new bike, but make a choice between two sophisticated and equally attractive colors, which are red and black. In both the versions, the beauty of the exterior and efficiency of power generation system is well preserved. The streamlined body and advanced ergonomic design contribute to the speed of your two-wheeler and enable it render you safe and sound drive also on the topsy-turvy and dangerous road terrains. So whether you are fond of red or can’t do without black, just make your mind and purchase your dream bike in exchange for affordable Honda CG Dream price in Pakistan.

9.2 L Fuel Capacity with 2 L Reserve:

What makes your bike suitable for long travels is its large fuel tank with some extra space enclosed by a beautified exterior. It can store at least 9.2 liters of fuel, so that you may keep on going for hundreds of kilometers without going for refilling. Suppose, you are passing through the isolated areas and are unaware of the fuel level in the tank and suddenly you come to realize that you bike is starving—what will you do? Even under such unfortunate conditions, you need not worry a bit as 2 liter of reserved fuel is still at your disposal. So, if you buy Honda CG Dream, you will be enjoying a large number of multi-faceted advantages.

Bottom Line:

Summing up, the brand new CG bike, from the house of Honda, has been built with awesome specification standards that attract the potential buyers with great force. Its advanced OHV engine with air cooling mechanism and powerful 4-stroke technology also ensures fuel economy to minimize the burden of fuel expenditures on your pocket. The safe, stable, streamlined and luxurious drive, 4-speed transmission system, and enhanced fuel capacity are the things worth appreciating. So, if you really like phenomenal performance and other cutting edge specification standards, don’t delay while thinking about the Honda CG Dream price, just go for it and have an ideal driving experience with your best travelling companion.

Honda CG Dream 2018 Features

  • 4-Stroke OHV air-cooled engine
  • 4 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Kich starter system
  • 9.2 liters fuel tank capacity
  • Available in red and black colors
  • Modern design, comfortable seat, solid and unique seatbar
  • Contoured and sleek fuel tank with beautiful graphics and large self-locking cap
  • Taillight with reflector for extra glow; sporty and solid rust-free rear fender
  • Modern dashboard design; unique dial with textured casing
  • Large key, combination switch and handle lock together; lockable in both directions
  • Multi-reflector headlight with halogen bulb for enhanced illumination; long lasting with two tone visor
  • Tried and tested, high-tech OHV design engine with unmatchable power and phenomenal performance
  • 2 years engine warranty
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