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Honda 125 Deluxe 2018 Price in Pakistan

Update: 18 October, 2018
Rs. 129,500

Honda 125 Deluxe 2018 Review

Strength, stability, power and performance are some of the features that define the latest Honda 125 Deluxe model. The predecessor models of the bike have already been faring well in the intensely competitive environment. The majority of buyers have rated 5 or nearly 5 stars for various dimensions of the two-wheeler, like style, comfort, fuel economy, performance and value for money. Such specs offer justification for the Honda 125 Deluxe 2019 price in Pakistan.

Key Specs Highlights:

Though not of a sports standard, Honda 125 cc bikes bring some outstanding specs which contribute to the style, power, comfort and safety of riding a two-wheeler. While the bike produces more power, there are systems to render better control and safety in unfavorable and emergency conditions.

Let’s take a bird eye view of the key specs highlights:

4-Stroke OHV Machine:

The 4-stroke OHV-powered engine supports an efficient air-cooling mechanism which keeps it from heating up on long travels. With 125 cc displacement, it produces the power you really need for an energetic ride.

Continuous 5-Speed Mesh:

The Continuous 5-Speed Mesh transmission system elevates the bike to the high-end category as the ordinary bikes are equipped with the traditional 4-speed gearbox. Combined with the dry weight of 112 kg, the advanced transmission technology will add to the stability of the ride.

Strong Frame:

The diamond type steel frame of the motorcycle makes the bike strong and less vulnerable to crashes.

Sporty Design:

The sportiness is visible not only from the front, but the body, the back and the engine all speak of its sports-friendly attitude.

5-Gear Front Disk Brake:

The 5-gear disk brake technology for the front wheel adds to the power of the bike to handle emergency situations.

Tech-Rich Dashboard: 

On the tech-rich dashboard of the bike, you will find an easy-to-read speedometer, accompanied by the trip meter and the fuel gaug.

Improved Aerodynamics:

The improved aerodynamics of the bike reduce friction and make the ride smoother.

Direct Competitors:

The direct competitors of Honda 125 Deluxe 2019 include both the Japanese and Chinese brands. Its Japanese rivals include Yamaha YBR, Yamaha YBR G, Yamaha YBR Z. Here, the GS 150 from the house of Suzuki cannot be excluded from the list of Deluxe’s rivals. Meanwhile, the CG 125 is a sibling of the Deluxe with almost the same specs standards.

While the Deluxe and all the YBR siblings offer the same engine capacity, they differ in the advanced specs which define superiority of one over the other.

Honda 125 Deluxe 2019 Price in Pakistan:

The Honda 125 Deluxe 2019 price in Pakistan seems to have been deliberately kept lower than that of its rivals, possibly, in an attempt to fare better in the intensely competitive environment. It costs significantly less than that of all the members of the YBR family. However, being superior in design and carrying more sportiness, the YBR siblings are already enjoying supremacy in the market. It’s only the name and prestige that has kept the appeal of Deluxe intact amid severe rivalry.

Honda CG 125 DELUXE 2018 Features

  • 160 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 50+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 12 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 125cc Engine Displacement
  • Euro2 Technology with ASV (Air Section Valve)
  • 5- Gear Transmission
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Single Cylinder
  • Kick Starter System
  • Ideal Fuel Economy
  • 12-Volt Battery (Instead of 6-Volt)
  • Black Painted Silencer with Stylish Cover
  • Prominent Speed Meter
  • Ideal for High Speed
  • Aggressive Looking
  • Powerful Front Light
  • Back Light with Aerodynamic Cowl
  • Tachometer with Fuel Guage Indicator
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