Honda CG 125 DELUXE 2012 Price in Pakistan

Honda 125 Deluxe 2012 Price in Pakistan

Update: 05 July, 2012
Rs. 116,500

Honda CG 125 DELUXE 2012 Review


Honda Atlas has a history of producing excellent bikes for Pakistani markets. Before the controversial entry of various Chinese brands in the country Honda Atlas was having a kind of monopoly in the market. Although Chinese brands were offering low prices but at the low quality as well. That was the reason buyer got attracted by these alternatives.

But one thing is clear to everyone that the Chinese brands could not make a successful 125 cc bike for the Pakistani market, despite of the fact that they have tried to copy it several times. These copied versions of Honda CG 125 but failed badly.

Honda has now launched the latest model of its new Honda CG 125 deluxe 2012. The bike has an improved engine than the Honda CG 125. It is full of style and charisma. Some features have been changed in the newer model otherwise rest of all the features are the same. The bike has been given a new petrol tank strip which is its identity of being 2012 model.


The 4 stroke engine packed in Honda CG 125 Deluxe 2012 delivers an efficient fuel economy ideally suited for the bike riders especially for the youth. Honda CG 125 Deluxe 2012 has a sporty design which is one of its prime attractions. Pakistani market is deprived by the world class sports bikes due to large taxes imposed by the government on them. In the current scenario Honda CG 125 DELUXE 2012 is a ray of hope for the bike lovers in Pakistan.

It is a bit different from others as it has tachometer with fuel gauge indicator, front hydraulic disc brakes, Euro2 technology with ASV (Air Section Valve). Due to 5-gear transmission it has more power even on low RPM.

Honda CG 125 Deluxe 2012 is a heavy duty motorbike with front absorbers, 130mm brake drum with friendly non-asbestos brake shoes and countered seat for proper sitting posture.


Honda CG 125 Deluxe price in Pakistan is higher as compared to the other motorbikes which can be treated as its alternative. But truly speaking Honda CG 125 deluxe 2012 has no alternative in Pakistan.

Honda CG 125 DELUXE 2012 Features

  • 4-stroke air-cooled Single Cylinder
  • Kick Starter System
  • Ideal fuel economy
  • 5- Gear Transmission
  • 12-volt battery (instead of 6-volt)
  • Economical and Ecological
  • Economical and Ecological
  • Prominent Speed Meter
  • Ideal for High Speed
  • Powerful Front Light
  • Aggressive Looking