Honda 125 Price in Pakistan - New 2015 Model Pictures

Honda 125 2015 Price in Pakistan

Update: 07 July, 2015
Rs. 103,400

Honda CG 125 2015 Review

All-in-One Features:

Honda has become the name of superb quality, exquisite performance, high cost & fuel efficiency and, the most important of all, durability. No other bikes manufacturing company in Pakistan can provide all these appealing features in one product which Atlas Honda has gathered in the latest edition of Honda CG 125. Based on the outstanding Japanese technology, the motorbike incorporates all the stunning qualities which make it the best choice for the youthful bikers in the country.

2-Year Warranty:

Though, new Honda CG 125 2015 possesses all the characteristics that you can see in the previous models yet it comes with a number of additional and innovative features. First of all, to calm your nerves, the motorcycle has a warranty of two years so that you may relax and feel easy during this whole period. However, you cannot say that the travelling companion will come to a halt suddenly after two years when the warranty is over; it will definitely prove to be your lifelong asset.

Design and Outlook:

So far as the outlook and design are concerned, it is slightly different from the previous versions. The comfortable seat is also provided with back grip and makes long drives very pleasant without a feeling of tiredness. The stylish speedometer also contains an economy zone that gives you updates concerning how much you have travelled for each liter of petrol. The shape and appearance of both the front and back lights has been enhanced imparting them extra elegance.

The Smoke-free 4-Stroke Engine:

The new model of Honda 125 has been furnished with a powerful smoke-free 4-stroke engine that is very suitable for long rides and difficult terrains. Your brand new vehicle is capable of generating the force of 11 HP and just like Honda CD 70 fuel consumption is also very low. Moreover, the fuel tank is not only modified in its shape, but is also made comparatively larger to accommodate 9.2 liters of fuel at a time, while eliminating the need for its filling again and again.

Unique Euro-2 Technology:

You can see a little but important change in the technology of this latest model of the powerful bike which comes in the form of the uniqueness of the Euro-2 Technology featured herein. It is, in fact, the development and addition of new cutting-edge technology that makes a motorbike or some other automobile take lead and stand prominent among others.

Silencer Modifications:

Yet another enhancement which comes in the design of new Honda CG125 is that the black silencer is covered with a really graceful protector along with the improvement in its overall performance. The primary motive behind this extra protection is to eliminate any chances of burns during long drives when the silencer becomes very hot.

Some Other Fascinations:

  • The headlights are brighter than those found in the preceding versions
  • The motorcycle has a 12 volt battery instead of 6 volts to meet its increased power demands.
  • The superb ignition and braking systems make CG 125 one of the best bikes available in the auto market of Pakistan.
  • Both the wheels (front and back) have been provided with a suspension system in order to keep the bumps and jolts away and make the riding an ever pleasing experience.
  • The multiple wet-plate clutch system and smooth gear box together add many positive points to the overall efficiency and value of this modern bike.

Price Factor:

Thought the Honda CG 125 2015 price may seem to be unaffordable for some low income fans of powerful Honda bikes; it is definitely far less than the actual worth of the vehicle. This is a fact that can only be realized by those who go for the actual experience of the bike for it is a perfect solution for all of your personal travelling needs.

Bottom Line:

To sum up, the Honda brand of bikes has enjoyed great success and popularity over the previous more than twenty years. The fact behind this overwhelmed fame is that other motorcycles just cannot match with the speed and wonderful design of this king of the road. That’s why it is preferred by people over other motorcycles.

Honda CG 125 2015 Features

  • 125cc Engine Displacement
  • 135 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 45+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 9.2L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Fuel Reserve Capacity is 1.5L
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Single Cylinder
  • Kick Starter System
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • 12-Volt Battery (Instead of 6-Volt)
  • Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip
  • Good Looking
  • Elegent Front Light
  • New Shape For Back Light
  • Stylish Speedometer with Economy Zone
  • New Beautiful Petrol Tank with Graphics
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