Honda CD70 New Model 2017 Pictures and Prices in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 2017 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 July, 2017
Rs. 63,500

Honda CD 70 2017 Review

Honda’s 70 – What’s New:

The renowned Honda bikes brand, you see on the roads of Pakistan, is a result of the joint venture of the local Atlas Group and Japan’s Honda Motor Company Limited. On account of their excellent quality, reliable performance and high resale value, the Bonda CD 70 motorcycles have become the largest selling bikes’ brand in the country.

The new Honda CD 70 2017 model is going to be equipped with enhanced hardware components, embodying the latest tech standard of the automobiles. As an obvious result of such innovative tweaks, the new model is sure to give better performance along with greater fuel economy.

Enhancement in Eco-Friendly Behaviour:

Eco-friendly behavior of vehicles has become the need of the day. The alarming level of environmental pollution and global warming is already threatening the health and existence of humans on the planet. Any vehicle emitting high amounts of smoke is considered very dangerous.

The new model of Honda happens to be totally smokeless, i.e. it won’t be releasing smoke. Nonetheless, there shall definitely be exhaust but it won’t be containing that much harmful substances. This is, however, not the only eco-friendly feature in the bike. Certain other features also contribute to this cause. For example, even the material used for brakes is eco-friendly, i.e. it is non-asbestos.

Get Speed of up to 95 Kilometers/Hour:

Against the usually affordable Honda CD 70 2017 price in Pakistan, the 72 cm3 engine of the bike can give you as high speeds as you would, otherwise, be expecting from a more expensive 125 cm3 motorcycle. Well, you can run it at the speed of up to 95 kilometers per hour. It will help you cover longer journeys in shorter stretch of time.

Concerning fuel consumption, it will surely be different for long routes and the city roads. While on long routes, you can get the average fuel consumption at the rate of around 80 kilometers per hour. The prices of gasoline, on the other hand, are already low in the international market. This is what makes the drive on Honda CD 70 2017 incredibly inexpensive.

Added Safety and Comfort:

Being a two-wheeler vehicle, the motorbike is considered a very dangerous personal conveyance especially on the congested city roads with heavy traffic. As a result, any accident of small or large magnitude can expose the body of the rider to fatal injuries on head or other vital parts of the body.

Though the Honda CD 70 2017 cannot guarantee complete safety, there have been made efforts to minimize the possibility of accidents. For example, the braking mechanism is more powerful and efficient. Meanwhile, the advanced aerodynamics of this motorcycle will significantly contribute to safe, smooth and stable ride even on the rough routes.


In the follow of its glorious tradition, the Atlas Honda company is going to launch new model of the bike for the year 2017 with the significant improvement in technology for better performance. The buyers will find it not only so affordable and economical but also highly fuel efficient and eco-friendly. Consequently, the company is in a position to attract higher sales from different economic strata of the society including low-income buyers. At the same time, you can also expect the usual high resale value.

Honda CD 70 2017 Features

  • 95 Km per Hour Top Speed
  • 80 Km per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 72cm^3 Engine Displacement
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • Petrol Tank with 8.5 Liters Capacity
  • 4-Stroke OHC single cylinder cooled by air
  • Continuous 4 Speed Mash Transmission
  • New Design Fuel Tank and Sticker
  • Long Lasting Economical Power Engine, Environmentally Friendly with Fuel Milage.
  • Thicker Spokes with a Durable Rear Wheel
  • New Design with Comfortable Seat and a Safety Seat Bar
  • Tail up, Sporty Design Muffler Exhaust
  • Strong Side Cover with Lock
  • 3 Years Engine Warranty
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