New Bright and Brilliant Honda CD70 2016 Model - Price

Honda CD 70 2016 Price in Pakistan

Update: 07 July, 2016
Rs. 63,500

Honda CD 70 2016 Review

Honda Ready for Next Great Venture in Motorbike Market:

Honda has been quite regular in launching the updated versions of CD 70 bikes every year. In the succeeding models, certain important improvements are made in the design, aerodynamics and performance potential & efficiency of the machine. As predicted by the critics of the auto industry, the same is going to happen with the latest Honda CD 70 2016 motorbike from the house of this Japanese automobile manufacturer. As its predecessors, the new model is sure to receive a warm welcome from the Honda fans across every corner of the country. It is being anticipated that the upcoming version will be equipped with more advanced technology for better performance to give the users more luxurious and economical drive. As it can be justified on the basis of improved features, the Honda CD 70 2016 price in Pakistan is going to be a bit higher.

Honda’s Staunch Competitors and Their Fate:

Besides being the manufacturer of the bestselling motor bikes in Pakistan, Honda has also earned a great name and fame as the producer of some supreme quality car brands. But, at the same time, it has competitors on every front. Talking of cars, it has been severely defeated by Suzuki in terms of sales. Regarding the demand and sales of motorbikes, especially the CD 70 models, Honda stands the leader, leaving all competitors behind by a significant margin.

Honda CD 70 is a name of trust, reliability and ready cash. The Suzuki’s bikes, on the other hand, are able to fetch comparatively a very small number of sales. Meanwhile, a fairly large number Chinese motorbike companies have also emerged and flourished in the market. They have attracted a good volume of sales, particularly, because of the low price packages that are easily affordable even for those who come from the lower economic strata of the society. Nevertheless, in the presence of all these competitors, the sales of Honda bikes are higher in count. The new improved Honda CD 70 2016 model will further add to the repute and ‘fans pool’ of the company.

What May Add toHonda CD 70 2016 Price in Pakistan:

The critics, from the automobile industry, arepredicting a bit rise in the price of Honda’s new CD 70 2016 model. But this raise won’t be in exact correspondence with the enhancements made, but comparatively lower—rather negligible. Now let’s discuss the things that are supposedly going to add to the Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan. The first important and logically understandable thing is that inflation is a constant phenomenon and normal increase in the prices of the products is not only harmless but also beneficial also for the economy of the country. Secondly, Honda Corporation is expected to make certain major improvements in the look, engine performance and fuel consumption.

A Word More for Honda’s 2016 CD 70:

Honda is already a bike, selling like hot cakes in the showrooms, the innovative tech additions in 2016 version will serve to create even more space for the brand in the hearts of the potential buyers. The CD 70 is a lightweight, easily controllable and convenient-to-drive two wheeler. With the vibrancy minimized almost to none, the riders can enjoy a comfortable travel even at the highest possible speeds. The advanced air cooling mechanism does not let the engine get abnormally heated even while the bike is going very fast.Usually, after the purchase of a motorcycle, its price takes a steep way downward, but this is not the case with Honda’s CD 70, which has a very high resale value. To cut the long story short, Honda gives a better return for the hard-earned money of the buyers.

Honda CD 70 2016 Features

  • 95 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 80 km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 70cc Engine Displacement
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • Petrol Tank with 8.5/9 Liters Capacity
  • 4-Stroke OHC single cylinder cooled by air
  • Continuous 4 Speed Mash Transmission
  • New Design Fuel Tank and Sticker
  • Long Lasting Economical Power Engine, Environmentally Friendly with Fuel Milage.
  • Thicker Spokes with a Durable Rear Wheel
  • New Design with Comfortable Seat and a Safety Seat Bar
  • Tail up, Sporty Design Muffler Exhaust
  • Strong Side Cover with Lock
  • 3 Years Engine Warranty
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