Honda CD Dream 70 Latest Model Design with Pictures in Pakistan

Honda CD Dream 2024 Price in Pakistan

Update: 18 Sep, 2023
Rs. 124,500

Honda CD Dream 2022 Review

The second decade of the 21st century marks a new regime of the post modern highly energy efficient motorbikes. In this connection, Honda has recently launched a stylish and sporty motorcycle that you must have been dreaming of since long—Honda CD Dream 2016. Giving you an amazing feeling of individuality, the two-wheeler is powered by a durable and superior Econo-power engine.

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency:

Engineered with the latest technology, the extreme power engine not only ensures exceptional fuel efficiency but also acts as an environment friendly vehicle. The availability of such an innovative bike in the Pakistani market will be of great appeal to all and sundry. This is because the already poverty stricken population of our beloved country is facing acute fuel shortage. As a consequence of this shortage, the fuel prices are sky-rocketing and going beyond the reach of an ordinary individual. Now-a-days, one of the most critical and challenging environmental issues faced by the global community is that of the alarming atmospheric pollution and global warming. So, the dual-advantage of the motorbike with reasonable Honda CD Dream price in Pakistan not only saves you a lot of money but also protects your immediate environment.

Model Last Updated On Price
Honda Dream Price in 2023 25 Jan, 2023 PKR 124,500
Honda Dream Price in 2022 02 July, 2022 PKR 90,500
Honda Dream Price in 2021 23 April, 2021 PKR 83,500
Honda Dream Price in 2020 15 June, 2020 PKR 77,900
Honda Dream Price in 2019 30 June, 2019 PKR 73,500
Honda Dream Price in 2018 20 August, 2018 PKR 67,500

Thrilling Driving Experience:

While riding the bike of your dreams, you will be having a wonderful and thrilling driving experience with its superb features, excellent performance and attractive outlook. Further adding to its elegance, there is a sleek, contoured fuel tank with beautifully garnished side covers. Modern technique has been employed for designing a relaxing and comfortable seat that is also provided with a seat bar. With such accomplishments, you can drive for very long distances without a sense of tiredness in your body.

Strength & Durability:

The Japanese manufacturer has redefined the standards of strength in the latest release of CD Dream. The modern reinforced materials used in spokes, rear wheels, engine and other vital parts of the bike render it supreme durability and exceptional strength. So, the body parts have the capacity to withstand the unbearable shocks, and it also contributes to the safety of the rider.

Eye-catching Exterior:

Available in sophisticated black and brilliant red colors, it has a sporty, stylish and bold outlook which is pleasing to the eye and gives an air of confidence to the rider. The anterior supports a uniquely modeled, super bright headlight. On the posterior end, you will see newly designed winkers and backlight with aerodynamic cowl. In addition, the muffler exhaust is black painted with a charming garnish.

Air-cooled OHC 4-Stroke Engine:

The durable and Hitec Econo Power engine is furnished with the 4-stroke OHC technology. The very special feature is that of the air cooling mechanism, so the machine will not get extra heated no matter how much work you get out of it. As the engine catches heat, during a long drive on the road, the air cooling mechanism will come into action and the temperature will be lowered down. This is because when the motorbike is in motion, a stream of air remains in constant touch with the engine from the front, and it produces cooling effect.


Here is yet another piece of good news for the potential buyers that the Honda CD Dream price is reasonable and can easily be afforded even by the lower middle class individuals. So, while remaining within your budgetary limits, you can enjoy all the advanced features, such as, exceptional fuel efficiency, extra strength & power, marvelous design, 4-stroke OHC air-cooled engine, low & affordable price, and so on.

Honda CD Dream 2022 Features

  • 4-stroke OHC single cylinder air cooled engine
  • 72cm^3 engine displacement
  • 4 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Kich starter system
  • 80+ km/per Ltr on long route fuel average
  • 8.5/9 liters fuel tank capacity
  • Available in red and black colors
  • Durable and hitec econo power engine
  • Heavy Spokes, strong & durable Rear wheel
  • Sport & stylish visor, and super bright headlight
  • Brilliant, alluring and modern designed Speedometer
  • Sleek, contoured fuel tank with garnished side covers
  • Modern designed comfortable and relaxing seat with seat bar
  • Rear Fender along Reflectors, with specified space for number plate
  • New design winkers and backlight with aerodynamic cowl
  • New Black-painted muffler exhaust with garnish
  • Non-asbestos eco-friendly brakes system
  • 2 years engine warranty
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