Honda CD Dream 2019 Launched in Pakistan with New Graphics - See Price

Honda CD Dream 2019 New Model

Update: 10 July, 2019
Rs. 77,900

Honda CD Dream 2019

A bit polished and sporty version of the traditional and the bestseller CD 70 bike, the Honda CD Dream has been attracting the attention of those who want to drive for fun. Boasting a style-oriented and confidence-inspiring design, it also contributes to the comfort of travelling.

What’s New:

While the style and specs do not seem to have been changed that much, the new 2019 model might bring the feel of freshness and a little tweaked up performance. Another new thing might be the Honda CD Dream 2019 price in Pakistan which is likely to go up in the light of steep plunge in the value of rupee against dollar.

CD 70 versus CD 70 Dream – Simple vs. Sporty:

As you compare the traditional CD 70 with the new style-oriented CD 70 Dream on the technical fronts, no visible difference is noticeable anywhere. For example, each is equipped with a 72 cc, 4-stroke OHC air-cooled machine, Continuous 4-Speech Mesh transmission technology, kick starter system, clutch component based on multiple wet plates.

The dry weight (82 kg) and ground clearance (136 mm) is also the same in both the siblings. Only minor differences occur in dimensions and the fuel tank capacity. While CD 70 measures 1897 mm in length and has 8.5 L fuel tank, the CD Dream measures 1899 mm and 8.6 L in length and fuel tank capacity, respectively.

So, what really accounts for the difference of over four thousand rupees in the CD 70 and Honda CD Dream 2019 price in Pakistan. For this, you need to look at the design. The sportiness – this is what makes the real difference.

The extra features that add to the sportiness and grace of the Dream include:

New sporty visor

Metallic front fender for durability

Sleek contoured fuel tank with modern graphics

Sporty looking chrome muffler exhaust

High-tech stylish dashboard design and speedometer

Highly bright front headlights

Dream’s Chinese Rivals:

Though the real sibling of the best seller two-wheeler in the country, the Dream has been unable to get the same number of sales as the CD 70. It may be particularly because the sportiness of the bike makes it vulnerable to several rival brands of Chinese origin.

The Dream’s Chinese rivals include Super Power, Dhoom, United, Hi-Speed, Road Prince, Metro, Hero, Unique, Habit, and some others.

The brands like Super Power, United, Road Prince and Unique are already faring well in the market. It is especially due to their standard performance. While Chinese bikes are notorious to start vibrating as speeds go beyond 50 kilometers per hour, these models offer a relatively stable and comfortable ride.

The Chinese motorcycles offer more appeal to the buyers from the low-income segment who want to enjoy a reasonably powerful and comfortable driving experience while remaining within the constraints of their budget.

Being low on fuel economy is one of the serious drawbacks of Chinese motorcycles. Still there are brands that are impressively fuel efficient. There are others which successfully compete with Honda CD Dream 2019 for spottiness.

Honda CD Dream 2019 Price in Pakistan:

As usual, the Honda CD Dream 2019 price in Pakistan is a little more than that of the simple CD 70. There is the difference of over four thousand rupees. The sportiness and added grace of the Dream account for the additional amount and that doesn’t seem illogical.

While the simple CD costs a little over sixty-five thousand rupees, the price tag attached to the Dream CD 70 reads nearly seventy thousand rupees. This figure may go even higher as the automaker plans to increase prices in near future.

Honda CD Dream 2019 Features

  • 4-stroke OHC single cylinder air cooled engine
  • 72cm^3 engine displacement
  • 4 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Kich starter system
  • 80+ km/per Ltr on long route fuel average
  • 8.5/9 liters fuel tank capacity
  • Available in silver red and black colors
  • Durable and hitec econo power engine
  • Heavy Spokes, strong & durable Rear wheel
  • Sport & stylish visor, and super bright headlight
  • Brilliant, alluring and modern designed Speedometer
  • Sleek, contoured fuel tank with garnished side covers
  • Modern designed comfortable and relaxing seat with seat bar
  • Rear Fender along Reflectors, with specified space for number plate
  • New design winkers and backlight with aerodynamic cowl
  • New Black-painted muffler exhaust with garnish
  • Non-asbestos eco-friendly brakes system
  • 3 years engine warranty
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