Honda CD Dream 2018 New Model with Stylish Graphics - See Specs

Honda CD Dream 2018 New Model 2018

Update: 18 October, 2018
Rs. 69,900

Honda CD 70 Dream 2018 Review

Dream – Style + Economy for Dream Riders:

Full of style and offered against affordable Honda CD 70 Dream 2018 price in Pakistan, it is going to be a dream bike for low-income buyers. At the same time, easy handling and the stability of drive offers special appeal to the elderly people who cannot handle a rude and unruly bike.

It is also logical that the potential buyers will be attracted by its resale value which remains highest among all the other Chinese and Japanese bike brands in the country. However, as the Dream appears to be a bit superior to the standard CD bike, you must expect and be ready to pay some additional price.

A Sibling of CD with Some Added Style:

As you have a look at the tech specs of the Dream and compare them with that of the standard Honda CD 70 bike, you will come across some sharp similarities. For example, both the models are powered by the same 72cc engine based on the 4-stroke OHC technology and the traditional air-cooling mechanism. Each of the bikes features a kick-starter system and the continuous 4-speed mesh transmission system.

Ground clearance, in both the cases, is 136mm while the machinery and other parts are fitted to the strong backbone type frame. Made with a durable material, it adds to the strength and sturdiness of the bike. Looking at the compression ratio and the dimensions of front and back wheels, you again encounter the sameness. Yet there is another similarity – featuring multiple wet plates, the clutch make gear shifting as easy as the flow of fluid.

Let’s now talk about some of the differences. Starting with fuel tank, there is minute and insignificant variation. That is, the fuel tank of CD 70 has the capacity of 8.5 liters whereas the petrol container of the Dream can accommodate an additional 0.1 liter (the tenth of a liter).

However, the major differences between the two are observable in their style and appearance. For example, the Honda CD 70 Dream has a magnificent cover for the headlight. It significantly contributes to the sportiness and sophistication of the bike. Secondly, you need to look at the body graphics which are so sharp, creative and catchy.

The third important distinction is that of the body color options. On one hand, the standard CD bike has the body color variants of red and black. On the other hand, the Dream offers an additional color option of silver. As you can witness it yourself, the silver color makes the bike look incredibly fine and graceful.

As the bike boasts of a sporty appearance, the mud guards need to offer additional styling based on the latest designing standards. And you do get the same. The mudguards for both front and rear wheels are sharp and creative. It is colored bright red on the front wheel. Meanwhile, the black colored cover on the back wheel has its own decency and grandeur.

Finally, talking about the Honda CD 70 Dream 2018 price in Pakistan, it offers a great package. No doubt, in comparison with traditional CD’s price, it costs an additional four thousand rupees but you should also take into account the pleasing style and sportiness that the motorbike offers.

Honda CD Dream 2018 Features

  • 4-stroke OHC single cylinder air cooled engine
  • 72cm^3 engine displacement
  • 4 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Kich starter system
  • 80+ km/per Ltr on long route fuel average
  • 8.5/9 liters fuel tank capacity
  • Available in silver red and black colors
  • Durable and hitec econo power engine
  • Heavy Spokes, strong & durable Rear wheel
  • Sport & stylish visor, and super bright headlight
  • Brilliant, alluring and modern designed Speedometer
  • Sleek, contoured fuel tank with garnished side covers
  • Modern designed comfortable and relaxing seat with seat bar
  • Rear Fender along Reflectors, with specified space for number plate
  • New design winkers and backlight with aerodynamic cowl
  • New Black-painted muffler exhaust with garnish
  • Non-asbestos eco-friendly brakes system
  • 3 years engine warranty
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