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Honda CBR500 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 July, 2017
Rs. 12,50,000

Honda CBR500 2017 Review

With its brand new chassis, engine and a variety of other powerful features, your new Honda CBR 500R is set to lead the way through innovations. The two-cylinder parallel-twin layout of its engine is meant to provide a wide power-band and a plenty of torque, whereas the perfect counterbalance mechanism of a heavy sports-bike makes its run smooth on miscellaneous favorable as well as unfavorable terrains. For the comfort of the rider and a pleasurable driving experience, it features a ‘sport seating position’ and lower handle bars. No doubt, it has athletic touches of the sports bike, but it is something more versatile than a race replica. The specs which make it stand prominent among other such automotives include its exceptionally fuel efficient & powerful engine; super high speed; enhanced design & aerodynamics; smooth & stable drive; and minimal bodywork needed to handle it.

Digital Instrumentation—A Full LCD Screen:

When a car and other four-wheeled luxury vehicles stand digitalized, why not a two-wheeler sports bike is featured so? The very thought has been materialized here, as with justifiable Honda CBR 500R price in Pakistan, the heavy bike brings you a full LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. Different kinds of indicators and meters are featured on the screen, which are meant to give you many pieces of useful information about the bike, such as, status, working condition, capacity, an alarming situation, and so on. These digital instruments include tachometer, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, real time meter, clock, average fuel consumption meter, and illuminated engine diagnostic indicators.

PGM-FI—Delivering Correct Fuel Mixture:

The newly developed Programmed Fuel Injection technology ensures the delivery of correct fuel mixture to the engine as determined by the existing atmospheric and riding conditions for smoother and more stable power generation. The delivery of the desired quantity of the fuel mixture is made possible by the continuous monitoring of several variables. As an inevitable result of all these accomplishments, you get an immediate crisp throttle response throughout a wide variety of riding conditions.

The Best Ever DOHC Twin-Cylinder Engine:

The twin-cylinder engine technology by Honda Japan is already famous for its extreme efficiency and versatility of functioning, and the one in the new Honda CBR 500R is that of the best quality ever. Offering accessible performance across all the RPM (Revolutions per Minute) ranges, the 500R model uses the same size of piston bore as found in CBR600RR version. The liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine measures 471 cc in capacity, where each cylinder has four valves and produces sufficient thrust for a comfortable drive even on the rough and uneven roads. The six speed transmission system enables you adjust the speed level and power production in the machine according to your specific needs.

Comfort and Ease of Handling:

For the ease of handling and the enhancement of driving comfort on small bumps, it has a sophisticated chassis with Honda Pro-Link rear suspension. In addition, the 4.1” travel and nine-stage preload make it capable of absorbing bigger, troublesome bumps on different terrains. The handling of this super bike is based on the diamond-shaped 35mm steel-tube mainframe which is tied to the engine via four mounts. In this way, for a superior ride and handling, it offers you a rock-solid foundation.

Perfect Low-Height Step Seat:

The low-height stepped two-piece seat gives plenty of room for a passenger, and is best suited for the winding roads and around-town riding. The overall height of the seat measures merely 30.9 inch from the ground level. Such a special and extraordinary design of the seat makes it suitable and exactly fitting for a wide range of riders.

Advanced Safety Measures:

Safety of a passenger on the highly congested and dangerous road has always been a matter of serious concern for any automobile manufacturing company. While riding a super speed super bike, the issue of safety becomes even more intense, as a minor mistake or any chance happening can claim precious human life of the passenger. But, the people who buy Honda CBR 500R are really fortunate because this postmodern super stylish and ultra high speed bike is accomplished with many advanced safety measures. Some of the most prominent safety features include: sturdy rear passenger grips; twin-piston caliper wave disc front brake; single-caliper wave disc rear brake; and improved Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

Honda CBR500 Features

  • DOHC 4-stroke 2 cylinder (In-line) engine
  • 471cc engine displacement
  • 6 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Self starter system
  • Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance ignition system
  • 15.5 liters fuel tank capacity
  • Twin-piston caliper with single 320mm wave disc front brake
  • Single-caliper 240mm wave disc rear brake
  • Available in Black, White, Gray colors
  • Transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
  • Stepped two-piece seat with a low height
  • Digital Instrumentation
  • Twin 55-watt H7 halogen headlights and multi-facet reflectors
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
  • Pro-Link rear suspension
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Strong and stylish, aluminum 12-spoke cast wheels
  • Sturdy rear passenger grips
  • Steel-Tube frame
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