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Honda CBR150 Price in Pakistan

Update: 24 July, 2017
Rs. 6,60,000

Honda CBR150 2017 Review

The Glorious CBR Line:

The world famous Honda CBR series contains some super stylish and highly efficient bikes, which are considered to be the best two-wheelers ever produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturing company—Honda Japan. The majority of these modernized and feature-rich motorcycles serve as sport replicas and have inline internal combustion engines with four cylinders, all of which are aligned in one row and have no offset. The new Honda CBR 150R was built as a successor to Honda NSR 150 and has been marketed to South Africa and several Asian countries since its launch in 2002. The former was developed in 1997, and featured technology unprecedented before on such a small bike, and is regarded as an introductory level motorcycle.

Now for Enthusiastic Pakistani Youth:

Initially marketed and sold in Thailand, the CBR 150R reached the Indian market almost after a decade in 2012. The year 2013 welcome its arrival in Pakistan as well, so that the enthusiastic youth herein should have a chance to enjoy a luxurious ride on this energetic beast. Featuring advanced technology six-speed sequential manual transmission and an enhanced DOHC four-valve water cooled engine, it gives you smooth, steady, comfortable and stable drive on versatile road conditions. For better protection against theft, a key slot cover was introduced in the year 2006 and still continues to guard this precious possession of yours. For cleaner and environment friendly emissions, extra air is delivered to the exhaust system of the bike with the help of SASS (Secondary Air Supply System).

Environmental Protection through Catalytic Converter:

It is very unfortunate to say that the pollution of our natural environment has reached an alarming level and it is posing serious threats to the health and survival of humans and other creatures on the face of the delicate but fragile planet earth. To build a healthy and pollution-free environment for our future generations, it becomes the obligation of every responsible individual in the world to contribute their part in this regard. For the achievement of the same end, the super bike has been installed with an efficient catalytic converter which converts highly toxic substances in the exhaust emissions into less toxic and less harmful products through catalytic reactions. Another special feature, in this regard, is that of the cleaner exhaust emissions which involves the mechanism of the delivery of extra air to the exhaust system of the vehicle.

Electric Start & Digital Instrument Panel:

With surprisingly low Honda CBR 150R price in Pakistan, your modern race replica is incorporated with several advanced facilities, such as electric start system and the futuristic digital instrument panel. The electric start system comes as a better replacement of an outdated and troublesome kick start mechanism, so that you don’t have to be involved in frustrating manual labor. The Digital ECU (Engine Control Unit) technology assists in the production of spark to start combustion in the combustion chamber of the engine. In addition, the fully-featured digital instrument panel is meant to display all the necessary information about the status, performance, maintenance level and any alarming condition or an impending danger.

High Output of DOHC Air-Cooled Engine:

The powerful, light and compact DOHC engine gives high performance and inspires the economically strong individuals to buy Honda CBR 150R as soon as possible. The engine’s liquid cooling mechanism makes the sports-bike run very smoothly not only on low RPM but also on high RPM (Revolutions per Minute). Here the advanced DOHC engine technology further enhances the efficiency and stability of the drive, particularly, on very high RPM.

Wonderful Drive Train Specs:

For a convenient and luxurious drive, the motorbike features a 6 speed manual transmission system where you can easily shift the gears up or down depending on the speed requirements and the prevailing road condition. The gear shift pattern of the 6 available gears consists of 1 Down and 5 Up gears. In addition, the multiplate type manual clutch contributes to a trouble-free handling and driving experience.

Bottom Line:

It is no exaggeration to claim that this 150 cc bike is one of the best race replicas in the country, and is being offered in exchange for a justifiable Honda CBR 150R price. The extraordinary features, like enhanced aerodynamics, sporty full cowling, elegant racing strips and convenient seating position, render it superior style and exceptional efficiency.

Honda CBR150 2017 Features

  • DOHC 4-stroke single cylinder engine
  • 149.4cc engine displacement
  • 6 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Self starter system
  • 13.1 liters fuel tank capacity
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • The futuristic digital Instrumental panel
  • Crystal clear headlight
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
  • Telescopic fork mono suspension
  • Digital ECU based ignition system
  • Wide tubeless tyres
  • Available in red, white and black colors
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