All New Honda CB250F 2021 Price in Pakistan - Top Speed Bike For Honda Lovers

Honda CB250F 2021 Price in Pakistan

Update: 23 June, 2021
Rs. 640,000

Honda CB250F Review

With the slogan “Time to Roar” the literally roaring beast CB 250F is on the track to embolden and energize the rider, and impress the onlookers. From the design and stature, it seems to be a perfect road plane. It is a useful addition to the class of 250cc bikes from the house of Honda.

The Honda CB 250F price in Pakistan of over six lakh rupees, though not affordable for low-income buyers, would attract a large number of potential buyers from the elite class. Actually, the power, designing and specs standards come forward to justify its price.

Let’s have a look at what’s special about CB 250F, the elite Honda in Pakistan.

250cc Oil Cooled Machine:

The important thing about the high-end Honda is its powerful machine. The SOHC technology based 4-valve, single cylinder engine measures 250 cc in capacity. It can generate enough force for an all-terrain drive. The machine is fitted with a 6-speed gearbox, so the rider gets suitable transmission for all terrain types and speeds. For temperature regulation, it supports both the air-cooled and oil-cooled mechanisms.


Tubeless Tyres:

The new Honda CB 250F model brings the advanced tubeless tyre technology which makes the maintenance easy and inexpensive. Also the tubeless tyres are larger, stronger and more firm in their grip with the road. They are fitted on the durable alloy rims which can withstand and resist a more powerful shock, in case of an unfortunate collusion.

Programmed Fuel Injection:

The programmed fuel injection technology ensures the supply of an appropriate amount of fuel with smooth and equal distribution. It proves to be beneficial in several ways. First, the injection of right quantity of fuel as and when needed renders balance and stability to the drive. When greater force is needed, the engine will get more fuel and there will be no disturbance in drive. The second important advantage of this technology is that it ensures fuel economy, thus cutting overall travel expenses.


Though majority of the bikes in this category, from other brands as well, have the self-starter mechanism. The distinction of the Honda CB 250F self-starter mechanism is that it is fitted on the assembly set and can easily be pressed with the help of thumb. It is also reliable and durable.

Complete Digitalization of Speedometer:

The speedometer has been completely digitalized for a cool and more sophisticated view. Digitalized view not only gives the precise drive parameters but also enables the driver to quickly view the panel while keeping full focus on the controls and mechanics.

Powerful, Long-reaching Headlight:

The headlight with powerful 60/50 W beam can light up the road before you to a long way ahead. You will need such a powerful beam while running at high speeds. It provides day like visibility even in the pitch-dark environment. Meanwhile, the sporty styling of the bike runs from tail till the head and the headlight. It renders the bike the looks of a fierce hound with big eyes running after its prey.

Overall, the bike is an ideal choice for the sports bikers who want more thrilling, energetic and confidence inspiring drive. And it seems logical that the Honda CB 250F price in Pakistan is high.

Honda CB250F 2021 Features

  • Engine SOCH, 4 Value, Single Cylinder Engine
  • Displacement 249.58 cm3
  • Transmission 6 Speed Gearbox
  • Starting Self Start
  • Fuel System PGM-FI
  • Cooling System Air Cooled + Oil Cooler
  • Petrol Capacity 16.5 Liters
  • Dry Weight 135 kg
  • Tire at Front Tubeless 110/70-R 17 M/C (54H)
  • Tire at Back Tubeless 140/70-R 17 M/C (66H)
  • Seat Height 784 mm