2020 Honda CD70 Dream Price in Pakistan with New Design

Honda CD Dream 2020 New Model

Update: 07 Sep, 2020
Rs. 83,500

How does the 2020 model differ from its predecessor?

What do you get in return for a few thousands extra?

At what point does the bike exude sportiness?

If CD 70 is the best 70cc motorcycle available in the market, its Dream variant brings in something even better. Its performance and looks are what many people had been dreaming of before the launch of the bike. You won’t be committing exaggeration to call it a dream bike for those who look for performance, style, economy, efficiency and control at a single place.

The bike stands unrivalled in terms of the peculiarities – positive, of course – seamlessly embedded into its shell and core. Here you will find useful information about the present Honda CD 70 Dream 2020 price in Pakistan and the things it features as the latest addition.

Where Is the “New” in the New?

If you put the latest 2020 model of the Dream side by side with its 2019 predecessor, you may not be able to figure out the major differences between the two. However, a closer examination will let you know that new model comes with conspicuous refinement in terms of sportiness, strength, and overall output.

Spots of Sportiness:

It is not just a single point; the sportiness exudes from overall design of the bike. The notable things that look significantly sportier include the fuel tank, seat, the front and back fenders, the headlight, the dashboard design, and the muffler exhaust. So, it fully quenches your thirst for a modern style for an incredibly affordable price package.

Top Attractions:

Undoubtedly, what sets the Dream apart from its twin (the traditional CD 70) on the first place is its style and sportiness. For example, the fuel tank has been sleekly crafted and contoured and furnished with modern graphics. The durability of the bike has also been enhanced. For this, you can look at the front fender which is metallic.

And there is something notable on the tech front too. For an instance, both the dashboard and speedometer speak of a high-tech style. Similarly, the bike is fitted with a high-tech econo-power engine.

Honda CD 70 Dream 2020 Price in Pakistan:

Comparing the Honda CD 70 Dream 2020 price in Pakistan with that of the base model (CD 70 original), you will come across a difference of about four thousand rupees. And, for that little extra amount, you do get some lovable extras, like the style, sportiness, metallic front fender for durability, and brighter front head lights, etc.

At the time of the launch of the bike, the Honda CD Dream 2020 price in Pakistan was about 78,900 rupees.

Honda CD Dream 2020 Features

  • 4-stroke OHC single cylinder air cooled engine
  • 72cm^3 engine displacement
  • 4 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Kich starter system
  • 80+ km/per Ltr on long route fuel average
  • 8.5/9 liters fuel tank capacity
  • Available in silver red and black colors
  • Durable and hitec econo power engine
  • Heavy Spokes, strong & durable Rear wheel
  • Sport & stylish visor, and super bright headlight
  • Brilliant, alluring and modern designed Speedometer
  • Sleek, contoured fuel tank with garnished side covers
  • Modern designed comfortable and relaxing seat with seat bar
  • Rear Fender along Reflectors, with specified space for number plate
  • New design winkers and backlight with aerodynamic cowl
  • New Black-painted muffler exhaust with garnish
  • Non-asbestos eco-friendly brakes system
  • 3 years engine warranty
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