2023 Honda Bikes Price in Pakistan - All New Models

Design changes have been made to the new Honda bikes in 2023, and performance and usability have been enhanced. Honda has become the heart winning brand of almost every Pakistani. Due to its performance and durability it has been the priority of a Pakistani to stay in touch with the news of the new models every year.

Model Last Updated On Price
Honda CD 70 19 May, 2023 PKR 154,900
Honda CD 70 Dream 19 May, 2023 PKR 165,900
Honda Pridor 19 May, 2023 PKR 203,900
Honda CG 125 19 May, 2023 PKR 229,900
Honda CG 125 Self Start 19 May, 2023 PKR 275,900
Honda CB 125F 19 May, 2023 PKR 380,900
Honda CB 150F 19 May, 2023 PKR 477,900
Honda CB 250F 08 Mar, 2023 PKR ---

Old and Discontinued Models Prices

Prices of the Honda bikes increased in 2022. The Honda CG 125 in 2022 has increased its price also. Despite the increase in the prices of the Honda bikes, buyers are intended to buy it. The user’s trust that the company has built worldwide urges the customers to put their faith in the product they purchase. Engine of the Honda bike as compared with the other bike manufacturers is more powerful and performative. Honda is an international brand and it has set its image for its quality, prices, performance and designs as well.

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