Honda Motor Bikes Price in Pakistan with Pictures

Honda bikes have always been a preferred choice among buyers because of its duribility and price in Pakistan. Their practical design, satisfying performance and affordability are some of the most significant reasons why people pick them among several other choices in the market.

Model Last Updated On Price
Honda CD 70 28 June, 2021 PKR 84,500
Honda CD 70 Dream 28 June, 2021 PKR 90,500
Honda Pridor 28 June, 2021 PKR 117,500
Honda CG 125 28 June, 2021 PKR 139,500
Honda CG 125 Self Start 28 June, 2021 PKR 167,500
Honda CB 125F 28 June, 2021 PKR 200,500
Honda CB 150F 28 June, 2021 PKR 255,500
Honda CB 250F 28 June, 2021 PKR 875,250
Honda CBR 500R 28 June, 2021 PKR 1,250,000

Old and Discontinued Models Prices

Honda bikes prices are within the range of most average salaried people in the country. Particularly, those who cannot afford expensive cars mostly go for this means of transport. Two individuals can be seated comfortably on these Japanese motorcycles. You can see from their pictures that the design of these motorcycles is quite simple. However it is suitable for average bikers. Moreover, keeping the traffic situation and the road conditions of the country in mind, these simple Honda bikes Pakistan are the best option. There are different models available with slight differences between the overall performance and design. You can compare all the popular models on this website and check out their prices.