2021 Electric Bikes Prices In Pakistan

In order to save you more on fuel and transportation costs, the first Pakistani company Jolta has launched electric bikes in Pakistan. The prices of each model with technical specifications are entailed here with beautiful pictures... Read More

PM Imran Khan has launched the Jolta Electric Bike in Pakistan. The bike can cover up to 100KM at 60Km/H with a 20PKR charge. One charge takes up to six hours. The bike is available in four options, ranging from 82,900PKR to 95,900PKR. The best part is that this bike does not require any license or registration because it has a 50 CC engine. The interesting fact is that if you currently own a regular motorcycle that runs for 2000PKR monthly expenses, this new electric bike will reduce that to 200PKR. It will have an autolocking system, a keyless start, and a disc brake. Jolta Electric Bike mentions on its official website that there is no problem with finding its conversion kits and parts across the nation. In one review, a customer stated that Its Ride offers a passionate experience without hassles and is dear. As compared with regular cars and bikes, electric motors reduce expenses by about 70 percent and electric bikes reduce 90 percent.

Approximately 17 applications have been received by the Pakistani government once the electric bike was launched last week. After Upbeat's first launch in Lahore, the CEO said that buyers responded extremely positively.

There is no doubt the bike is so good riding and saves you money too. All you need for a ride is here. As perfect as you can imagine is the legacy, control, and functioning. Teachers, students, and especially employees loved the bike because it was less expensive.

An electric bike seems like a breath of fresh air in a nation that is exposed to high fuel prices at every turn. Right from this website, you can book an electric bike.