Yamaha YBR125 2019 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR125 2018

Yamaha YBR125 2019 Price in Pakistan

Update: 26 August 2019
Rs. 147,500

Yamaha YBR125 2018 Review

Though failing in competition with its staunch rival Honda, Yamaha has always been popular for its products that are rich in style and energy. Yamaha YBR125 2018 is one of such two-wheelers from this tech giant of Japanese origin.

Available in decent red and black hues for the body, the YBR is powered by an advanced and powerful OHC 125cc engine to make you travel at high speeds with complete comfort and energy. It has a 5-speed transmission system, so you can get a suitable gear for every situation. It will not only render the bike stability but also contribute to its fuel efficiency.

Beautiful Sporty Crafting:

The YBR125 is sporty in appearance. It is usually very rare to find a sporty bike of the stature of Yamaha YBR125 against the Yamaha YBR125 price in Pakistan. Exquisite sportiness is visible from every inch and curvature.

The crafting the Yamaha YBR125 2018 is based on the innovative designing standards to make it look more attractive as well as maximize the level of comfort both for the driver and the pillion rider. It has got a robust front fork with tubes measuring 30mm and adjustable rear suspensions for handling both small and large shocks on the rough and uneven roads whether you are riding solo or pillion.

Everything from the front mudguard and headlight to the taillight and the silencer is full of creativity and craftmanship. Even the seat has a creative design. It is significantly long, measuring around 645 mm in length. It has the potential to absorb shocks sent from the rough road. There is also more room in pillion space which prevents the knees of the passenger from touching the rider (or driver).

Body Colour Variants:

Body colour of the bike does matter a lot. More colour options means, the two-wheeler will be able to attract the attention of varied public with taste for different hues. So, against the reasonable Yamaha YBR125 2018 price in Pakistan, the bike is available in three high quality colours, i.e. blue, red and black. The seat is, however, greyish black in all the three variants. In the red and blue variants, the respective colour variation appears in the fuel tank, front mudguard, base of headlight and tail section.

Yamaha YBR125 2018 Price in Pakistan:

When put against the specs standards, the Yamaha YBR125 2018 price in Pakistan of around one lakh and thirty thousand rupees gets fully justified. It is a powerful machine and a robust body stature to provide maximum thrill on the way. The start, stop and control mechanisms are also of reliable quality. It is so sleek and bold from front to back and from top to bottom. Everything appears in style. The self-starter YBR has got a 4-stroke, air-cooled machine built with the advanced SOHC technology. Here, the option of kick starter is also provided, which you can use in case of emergency when the self-starter system stops working. Overall, it’s a great and economical choice for the sports bike lovers.

Yamaha YBR125 Features

  • 4 stroke, Air Cooled, SOHC Engine
  • Constant Mesh 5-Speed Transmission
  • Front Disc Brake with Excellent Stopping Power, Touch and Control
  • Self starter / Kick Starter System
  • Maintenance-free cast wheel, 18-inch tires front and rear
  • Front Suspension Designed for a Comfortable Ride
  • 12V - DC CDI Ignition System
  • A 35WHalogen Headlight in a Single-unit Design with the Smoked Windshield
  • A Twin-dial Instrument Panel with Gear Position Indicator and Fuel Gauge
  • Center stand, Easy to Grip Grab-bar, a Chrome-plated Muffler
  • Available in Red, Blue and Black Colors
  • 13.0 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity